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Originally Posted by Jaffa View Post
But that just begs the question. Why isn't there even a minimal print framework?
Because most people don't have network printers?
That seems like a reasonable answer.

Except hunting for the cheapest printer I could bear to own at Staples in December — for my wife — showed a heck of lot of them had network capability built-in.

OK, Staples is business-oriented. But I'd think that a $69 price will put a lot more network printers online.

Plus, I'd say that people with Internet Tablets are more likely to have network printers (than the general populace) simply because they are already WiFi-ing and you've got to figure the NIT they own is probably computer number 3 or 4 in the house.

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Any printer connected to a Linux (or other *nix) box is a network printer too..
(which means that even my retired father has a network printer)
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