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Well, Expansys say that it is discontinued. Which is about as official as it gets short of Nokia making the announcement.
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Originally Posted by ace View Post
With the N810 Wimax on the way, I expect the N800 to be discontinued.
The form factors are too different for there to be such a causal relationship.
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Originally Posted by GeraldKo View Post
But I'll take the opportunity to whine that I wish Nokia would come out with a keyboard-less successor to the N800, squeezing out the space the keyboard takes up on the N810 to make it a little flatter and lighter. And then I wish they'd license Palm Graffiti for a keyboard alternative, to have in addition to the current one. And that they would copy some of the iPhone keyboard ideas, too (like changing contextually, so that, for example, ".com" becomes a key when you're typing a URL).
Well, I'm not sure about the legal status of Graffiti; seems like the patent can't have long left? Anyway, Graffiti 2 was found non-infringing, so an open-source equivalent that's that close is possible. And Nokia doesn't have to be involved; we have the API to make our own input methods, but AFAIK, no one has made any others yet. Contextuality is a little more complex (not being included in the API), but doable (look at what window is uppermost, look up corresponding layout in config file).
While I'm off-topic like this, I'll add another thing I wish Nokia would copy from the iPhone, but which I'd thought of before (even on my PC, before I had an N800) and I'm sure many people have thought of: have a little "x" icon next to the URL in the browser's address bar, and in File Manager and in Dialog Boxes, that can erase whatever is there already.
Dillo has this; CSS support is really all dillo's missing to be a really sweet browser. You can also middle-click on the X to clear the URL field and then paste into it. Not much help for the N8x0s, though.
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Originally Posted by iliaden View Post
anyways, it's still to early to get alarmed: if the user response is so negative after cutting n800 PRODUCTION (after 1.5years), they would most probably restart producing it.

otherwise :
1) Diablo (maemo 4.1/5 - yet undetermined) WILL be available for the n800 - the support is still there AT LEAST until july (n810W release date), and even more (Diablo will have lasting support)
2) they may already have a successor in development - we just don't know it yet.
I don't think that is how it works, and besides, how many current n800 owners are going to buy a second one anyways?

It doesn't really matter though. The n8xx harware lineup is so simliar that I don't think you will have to worry about being unsupported until they stop selling the WiMax models
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This isn't a huge surprise, it became unavailable in Finland as soon as the N810 came out (and the N800's price drop from 400 to 200 euros helped make the existing stocks disappear pretty quickly).

This was sort of on the cards as soon as the massive price drop happened really, companies don't normally halve a product's price and introduce a replacement if they intend to keep both on sale.

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