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Dear experts,

What API should be used for streaming a music file (a playlist) on the Audio player (osso_music_player)?
I'm implementing my very first application, and AFAIK apps are opened via a osso_rpc_run D-BUS message, which needs one or more parameters (like an uri from which we are streaming from). I couldn't find any APIs for playing some specific uri...?

What's the best site for dev. issues?

Thanks for any answers,

-Some noob
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#2, the developer site for the Internet Tablet's operating system, is the place to go (specifically the -devel mailing list). Also, on this forum, you might want to pick the correct version of the OS (nobody's probably reading the 2005 sub-forum anymore, considering most 770 users are probably running the latest 2006 OS)
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You can run
dbus-monitor --session
in a terminal while using the built-in media player. This will show you what the D-Bus API looks like.

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