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You've missed my point. They're moving stuff out of dsme as part of the open sourcing process.
Let's wait and see. That does not make much sense to me. At least when using names dsme, mce etc. My understandind is that dsme it pretty much dead and they are moving to different architecture (no initfs, OHM, ..). So if they are opensourcing dsme my understanding is that they are opensourcing current code and current architecture of N8x0 tablets. So unless last Diablo update manages to do this 'moving', I don't see how it could be done and still be called dsme.

We'll see. As already told here dsme is relatively simple and most of its inner working is either known or is not so important with one exception - accessing config partition implemented in /mnt/initfs/usr/lib/dsme/ For me this is the only interesting part. Also somehow I don't believe they will open this part but let's hope.
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