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Installation went well and all options seem to be functioning fine. Only issue I am having is that I get a great deal of disconnects.

Everything will be fine, collecting data, showing speeds and RPM and engine load, then bam 5 seconds later, disconnect. Reconnects fine then bam. Disconnect. Seems to happen at a random interval. Can be 5 seconds can be 4 minutes.

If this gets fixed, well, I'm simply very happy with this software. Thank you lots for putting it together. Im using a bluetooth elmscan btw.

Requests: Engine Load plot, fuel consumtion (not sure if this is possible with the data from the ODB-II?) instant and plot.

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Hi folks,

as you can see the 0.7-beta1 is in extras-devel. To be able to record trip data we had to implement the communication in a daemon. This code was rewritten in C so probably will have some new bugs.

The OBD devices supported list has not changed. We are planning to add some new devices in some future version, but first we will fix the issues in communication.

If you are facing any communication issue, please report a bug in our bug system at garage with the log. We are aware of some bluetooth problems and we are working with the Nokia guys to fix them. To generate a log file, you have to run the carmand with the following command (first kill the already running process, if any):
$ carmand --log-level=debug >log.txt

Also, be sure to remove the old version of carman using carman-clean application.

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How can I tell if my car has obdii? not sure about that kind of standars in south america. I have a 97' Daihatsu Feroza
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Originally Posted by fredoll View Post
Yes, you can but you'll have to write the Google Maps plugin yourself ... It would be interesting that the people behind Carman state what they think about the Google Maps Plugin possibility ... And may be that they publish the OSM Plugin for example ...
An especially useful plugin would be one that stores its map data in databases (like Maemo Mapper), perhaps even using the same database file to share already downloaded data.



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