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This may be beyond Nokia's control though. I've heard Sprint has frequently changed how WiMAX devices must be provisioned on its network, leaving device manufacturers struggling to keep up. A last minute provisioning change by Sprint could explain the lack of compatible WiMAX devices at launch. The manufacturers may all be rushing new code through development and testing.
I heard that Sprint has changed authentication a few times and I posted about the custom registration front end before. XOHM is not exactly an open network according to my definition.
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More realization that Xohm is not an open network...
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/. thread
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I experienced the same issue posted on the blog link above... least initially during provisioning of the device. Initially with provisioning I was only able to connect via the XOHM portal - within the hour I had a full XOHM connection and no longer had to use the XOHM portal.

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