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I just got an N810, it seems like it is going to be a good friend. But without WIFI to install apps I download to a PC, use a file manager to move the app to the 810's memory card. On the 810/application manager install from file. Here it fails; the tablet insists on scanning for a WIFI service to search for D/L. IT is already DIABLO 5.2008.43etc. It must be a simple tweak but I'm without a clue. Please a clear step-by-step.
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that's strange. you could try opening the deb from the n810's file manager. double-clicking on a deb should open app manager and install the app. hopefully it doesn't just start checking wifi again....
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Whatever you're trying to install probably requires some other packages, so it's trying to download them. Either find the missing dependencies and download them (and their dependencies) manually, or get some form of internet connection for the tablet.

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I strongly recommend you get a wifi connection. An N810 without wifi is like an iPod without music.

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Why, oh Why do people say "I can't install this app" without saying WHAT APP IT IS. Seriously, Im not trying to hate on you, but too many people say they have trouble without saying what they are trying to do.

You give the OS version, but not the app name. How can we give a step-by-step without all the information.

End Rant

You can also get an internet connection via USB. You might want to look into that.
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THANKS for all the responses. I am getting WIFI, it's not ready/configured yet. As for apps, Canola, Mapper Xournal and several others. All behave as though there is a missing component. As to installing via usb, I thought of that but (here's my lack of knowledge) how?? I can use the flash update, D/L files onto the mem card. But I never considered finding the internet from the 810 through a usb connection to a PC on the internet. I think that's your proposal??

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It may be easier to use Bluetooth to connect to the internet, either via a phone or shared from a PC.


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