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Originally Posted by GeraldKo View Post
Reggie, I have lots of links to this forum that I've copied into my Personal Information Manager. I haven't copied the information into my PIM, just the link either to the thread or to a specific post.

Will those links to old threads and old posts still work after the forum has moved?

(For example, I have an entry in my PIM for "Software: File Associations" and all it has is:
I didn't include any of the actual posts in my PIM, but I'd like to be able to still get to that info when I need it.)

Thanks in advance.
I can't speak for what the forum will do but it's posible to see that the old links still work. If that isn't done, the links in posts that point to other posts would all be broken as would be any links to our posts that have found their way into your PIM, blogs and other forums on the Internet.
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I'd certainly hope this'll happen. The exact details have not yet been worked out.

EDIT: Don't worry - the Council'll be keeping an eye on this - and we're users too :-)
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Originally Posted by GeneralAntilles View Post
Account unification will likely wait until we get a real single-sign-on solution.
openid? please....
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Originally Posted by suryavanshi View Post
openid? please....
OpenID is insecure and clunky. It's not something we'll be implementing.
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