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Originally Posted by urnass View Post
Alright Textrat, I'll bite.

I've seen the thread for the USB2BGA connector (which also had a frame rate issue), but haven't seen anything on the Targus docking station. Any link or additional information you can send us?
Targus presumably has a USB connected dock with the same SIS chipset as, e.g., the StarTech USB2VGA2 I use. (StarTech has a 6-in-1 dock (which might even be the same under different badging).)

Kernel & userspace support is available from Chinook, thanks to Graham Cobb. Nokia's been shipping kernel-level support for these in Diablo (still works with GC's userland), and has some sort of internal productivity suite including full screen-mirroring support; it's what was used for projection (e.g. Qole's Easy Debian demo) at the Summit.

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If you watch the video of my Maemo Summit presentation (recorded and posted by Jamie Bennet), you'll see what video-out on the tablet looks like. I used a Nokia-provided N810, installed Easy Debian on it, used my Debian partition with OpenOffice and presented a PowerPoint slideshow (with animations) using Impress.

And yes, framerates were very much an issue.
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Originally Posted by penguinbait View Post
I personally like using my 810 to print, play games with joystick, burn DVD's.

It's not just a niche device, It is a computer, if you use it as one.

Is that a penguin in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
You answered my question. The N810 IS a FULL computer. It's just size challenged and sacrifices comfort for portability.

I'm guessing the RX-51 will blur the lines further by fixing the USB2VGA (at some point), easier to use USB devices, more usable web-cam, etc.

This is a good article: Linux vs. Linux, tablet vs. Clamshell
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