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Originally Posted by sarahn View Post
Offhand I didn't see any surprises, but I haven't combed through the configuration in detail yet. Of course I have no clue how close this will be to the real world.

FWIW the change is listed as adding an "internet tablet."

2.6.30 Arm changes

Whoa... it also says Palm Tungsten T5 being added for support. Does this mean I can run the Linux on my old T5? It's a 416MHz ARM.. this would make it pretty interesting.
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It's nice to see changes being pushed upstream even before the product is out. I envy their patience.

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Originally Posted by qole View Post
That kernelnewbies link isn't working for me. Is it something on my end, or is it down?
Kernelnewbies are often difficult to reach when new Linux kernel is released.

1) Wait a few days
2) Use Google cache
3) Use CDN (e.g.
4) Search for mirror (official or copyright infringment)

There are alos OMAP related diffs in the article.

Some stuff is also interestin for Maemo. Fastboot for example (if its not tied to Intel architecture).

I try to read commits linked but get timeout on and neiher Google cache or CDN works.
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Originally Posted by javispedro View Post
It's nice to see changes being pushed upstream even before the product is out. I envy their patience.
Yes, and I'm happy to take advantage of their work. It's sad how many embedded folks don't push their changes upstream.

Of course, they profit too because it will be easier to keep the rx-51 up to date and they accumulate community good will and all that jazz.

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