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Flash Player 9 for Linux was just released. Does this mean that we can expect Flash 9 on Maemo soon? Flash 9 on the Internet Tablet OS would be a significant improvement since it would mean faster browser video streaming. Right now, the N800 with Flash 7, only get about 1 to 2 frames per second when watching videos from popular video sites like YouTube and Google Video. Stefan Constantinescu of Ring Nokia on a similar post got a reply from someone from Adobe saying:Nokia has already licensed Adobe Flash Player for many of their other devices, mostly with the mobile Flash Lite profile. Folks I work with already want to provide these capabilities anywhere, any device... if you also let Nokia know what you'd like on the device then that'd help us push from both ends, thanks. jd/adobeFrom talking with Nokia at CES, they did mention that they intend to improve on the video streaming feature of the N800 in the future. Maybe this is a good time to tell them that we all want it sooner. Thanks for the info Stefan.
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Any chance a port to the 800 will be installable on the 770? With Firefox on GNU/Linux, it's as easy as copying a single file into Firefox's plugins dir.

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I sincerely hope that this is what the N800 product manager was talking about when she said they(Nokia) would improve video playback (streamed)

Hehe, very much excited to see youtube and some other video streaming sites without that seemingly 1fps choppy playback.

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