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It's usable, but not very usable yet. It's still in beta and lacking a few things. From what I know, it still has trouble with some sites but I'm sure that'll be fixed soon enough.

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I have problems logging onto websites. For some reason I can type in my login information, but not the password.

When I click on the password box the N800 keyboard comes up, but when I try to type nothing comes out no hidden characters or anything. I thought myabe they were there but not showing, but it won't login, I get error every time.

Any ideas? Other than this I love the browser!

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Originally Posted by buurmas View Post
Not to beat a dead horse, but I was really interested in Fennec until I got Tear. Does Fennec work properly yet with map sites & web mail sites that use double-tap to mean something different than Fennec's zoom feature?
Feel exactly the same. Fennec really screwed up majorly. It seems like they have no people working on it. And major bugs (like input handling) are still open 3 months later.
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Well, maybe they don't push it hard on Maemo, but what about WM? Didn't try it, but maybe someone did?

And there's another thing - the way versioning is going, they'll have 1.0 ready right on time for Fremantle.
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