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I read this week on an Adobe blog that the Flash players are free to consumers, but the device manufacturers have to pay for Adobe to develop the plugins.
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Okay, I don't know all the detail, but here is my cut:

For example, Opera is free on desktop, but not on small devices. Companies use those popular platforms to attract users, establish their products and then sell their products somewhere else or complementary products on the same platforms.

For Adobe it's worth spending their money on Flash player for Windows, but on a platform like Maemo, the platform owner (e.g. Nokia) should cover the costs of porting, tuning and testing.
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Originally Posted by benny1967 View Post
I I can't see what it's for - except commercial ads.
Virtually all Local TV outlets use Flash 9 in their websites to show breaking news clips.
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For those who dislike Flash on N800, check out
You might change your mind. If design properly, Flash could make the N800 a fun mobile gaming platform.

Anyway the website offers free online Flash games optimized for mobile devices (with relatively "slow" processor) like the N800. And there are no intrusive flying and dancing Flash advertisement!

Have fun!

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