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Um... wow. Where to start?

This worries me quite a bit. Seems like desperation and I sincerely hope that things aren't that bleak yet for Nokia.

Anyone think they might win? I haven't a clue.
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This is very interesting. Apple fanboys will just say that nokia is worried about apple's success. I would think the same.... if not why not bring thnis suit up earlier?

I hope apple loses
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Nokia seems to always have something like this going on (with either Nokia suing or someone else suing Nokia). Following the news, it seems it's not possible to do a mobile phone without using other companies' technology and paying royalties here and there. Apple has the short stick, since they are brand new to the game and can't have a very comprehensive set of phone-related patents.
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Nokia's finally decided to take a bite out of Apple, eh?
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Not desperation at all-- companies must defend their patents or risk losing the value of them.
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IP is what makes any company worth something. Nokia needs to be sure that there has been a violation before you sue someone. I have to say it is quite ballsy to knowingly infringe on patents on your core devices.

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Originally Posted by zerojay View Post
Seems like desperation and I sincerely hope that things aren't that bleak yet for Nokia.
Desperation? Rather not. Probably Nokia wanted to use some technology patented by Apple, was refused and now want to monetize on its own patents.
Business as usual.

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My totally uneducated speculation: defensive case for introducing multitouch in Maemo 6 and Symbian ^4.

After Apple sues Nokia for infringing their multitouch patents, sneaky and filthy rich lawyers will do somekind of agreement to drop both cases.
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I kinda hope Apple loses. As someone said somewhere else about this, Apple is so new to phone business that it's patent portfolio on cellular technologies is bound to be slimmer. UI-wise it might be better than Nokia's, but this is not about that. Yet.

As matthewcc said, Nokia needs to be sure about this before they sue anybody. And it might be, that they let Apple develop base of customers that they cannot afford to develop their own versions of questioned technologies in fear of losing ground while doing so.

In any case, I can't wait to see the outcome of this one. And, desperation? So just to show people who think Nokia is desperate, they should let Apple infringe those patents?
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i would not call it desperation companies like nokia don't go accusing rivals openly about this kind of thing without looking into it very deeply.
why wait 2 years? to build a strong case and look at all the technology being used by apple before revealing amount of patent infringements they believe are being commited, its not something what can be done in a month and when lawyers are involved these things take a very long time.

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