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Keep posting your requests for invitation to the UX meets Code at

This thread is to discuss about all the rest.

Feel free posting in Spanish or Catalan here if that helps you getting things done. A lot of the work to be done is about local engagement and organization.

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I've openned a thread on FIB forum to see if there is quorum to assist the paralel activities i'm winting for the results of the poll that is attached to the thread.

The paralel activities could be:
- A n900 presentation.
- An developing for maemo5 introduction.
- A translation workshop.

To make all this things only we need people that has to know how to do it. Nokia can send this people or I have to start finding people to do it?

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Originally Posted by qgil View Post
[url]This thread is to discuss about all the rest.
Better as a wiki page? Or, are you desiring something else?

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Thanks opengeek! Locals can put the effort finding local participants and we will put the effort finding whoever needs to present, train, support...

If you want to work on localization I recommend you to get Softcatalà involved somehow.

Tim, let's how the thing grows. People can use this thread or the wiki as they wish.
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Quim, will you require council help (in addition to or other than the data mining) at the event? I see Valerio has signed up for attendance, but I was wondering you could use facilitation help.

Also, as I noted earlier, I will be glad to help with data mining/formatting/publishing-- just need access.
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Hi all!

As a member of Softcatalà I would be really interested in attending this meeting, we are looking forward to know more details on how the translations are handled on Maemo.

Also my employer is really interested in me getting up-to-speed on creating applications targeting the Maemo platform, so if there are talks targeting this audience it would be great!

And lastly, it's 10 minutes away from my home, so I don't have any excuse not to attend it

Gil Forcada

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I think the event might be useful for Valerio and Graham not only because they are council members but also because they are developers not too far from Barcelona (compared to the rest of the council, based in America).

Hi Gil! A localization workshop run by Softcatala in Barcelona would be just great to put together all the pieces needed by Catalan and other unsupported languages willing get in the Maemo 5 scope! Let me check today with the Maemo L10n team what is the situation, specially in providing the strings for the pre-installed system and applications.

I also want to ping the GNOME Hispano guys and the people behing Guademy since we (more or less) know all each other and the Long Weekend might be a good chance to organize something. I will blog today to Planet GNOME & Ubuntu. KDE Spain is also in the radar, so perhaps we end up having a cool long weekend in Barcelona (metropolitan area, to be precise)!
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Hi again Gil. So... if Softcatalà is interested we can organize a workshop around Maemo L10n. See &

A possibility would be to invite Dimitri Glezos from Transifex to work on the integration with Maemo & community projects. Softcatalà members and other volunteer translators could combine planning work (tools, processes) with hands-on translation of available packages, with the aim of getting a proof of concept over the weekend e.g. a Catalan metapackage in extras-devel or something.

Depending on your involvement and the critical mass of people in the L10n workshop we might be able to send someone from our L10n team.
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Hi there,

It's still not clear to me whether people not involved with maemo would be welcomed, or would fit the required criteria. Being myself a long-time symbian developer (and based in BCN), I'd still be interested to attend. Any hints?
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We are developing two layers on the go here:

- The UX meets Code hackfest. Really focused on current maemo projects. Invitation only and open to suggestions.

- The rest of activities with a local focus that we are discussing right now. Doors open, everybody is welcome. Maemo public events as usual.

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