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Hello everybody (my first post here!).

I've replied Quim in the developers list, but I'll copy and paste my reply here, since it seems is much more active place:

Will the venue be open to people who want to silently look and listen? In my
case, I have zero real involvement with the Maemo community right now, but
since I saw your keynote at GCDS and the first N900 specs, I've been lurking
a lot and looking for all news about Maemo that I could find.

I'm a long term Debian and KDE user, and I've contributed a little bit to both
projects in the past (packaging and coding), so I have some development
knowledge, and I'm really eager to have a Maemo device in my hands and find
time to do something with it.

I live in Barcelona, so my idea is to help wherever is needed in exchange for
the chance to chat with people and learn. Maybe I can pick people at the
airport and bring them to the meeting place, or help as a translator (outside
of the airport and the hotel, the locals are not usually good with
english ;-) ), etc.

If the venue is very space constrained and there is no space for people in my
situation, who don't have much to teach, but want to learn, I can still be
available if you want somebody to find a place to have dinner or grab a good

Now that the event is official, I will start spreading the word wherever I can.

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Very interested!!!

I have been working on the Interaction Design of some applications at OpenBossa Labs/INdT. Although I haven't been active on the discussions, I think this would be a great start to exchange some UX and Design experience we have built in our interdisciplinary team.

Projects I have worked on:
Canola 1 and 2,
Some of the UI documentation for Smart Home,
And currently involved in some good stuff ( )

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After the introductions here, don't forget to add your info to this table:
Valério Valério

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Er.... I guess we "locals" have to put "Requested" in the Attendance column too. At least my request for invitation was not confirmed yet (even if there's no travel costs involved).
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The list of attendees is for the whole Long Weekend and javispedro I guess you can consider yourself "Confirmed". I will start confirming the UX meets Code invited participants in a list apart.

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I am Aleix Pol, I'm studying here in the FIB too and I'm a KDE developer (KAlgebra and KDevelop mainly).

I haven't done anything yet but I think it would be interesting so that's why I'd like to come.

I'm also a member of KDE Spain so if you would like to collaborate in some way that would be possible too. (we are quite some members from around that would be really nice).

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As it happens, I am online

I'm interested in developing Shopper more and understanding how the creative guys think about UI and UX.

Shopper includes some novel things like gestures (ie scribble to erase) and of course it is where my fingerscrolling code first came from. It will be in extras-testing for the N900 soon.

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Now you can see how the 3 days will be more or less structured.

We look now for 9 projects that will get their 2h of fame and group collaboration.

3 needing work in concepting
3 needing work in usability
3 needing work in graphics

Your proposals are welcome. Ideally the projects proposed should be interesting and strong/promising in many aspects, but needing some extra help in the specific area described. Of course at least the lead developer should be there, willing to be convinced about good ideas and willing to implement them. We will prioritize the invitation of other top contributors of the projects selected.

So please, tell names of projects and the day where they would fit best.
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I would vote for Maemo Mapper!

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Some ideas:

Concept: DOSBox frontend / game launcher
It's great to be able to run old DOS games, but having to operate the DOS command line is not fun. A concept for a graphical frontend to it would be helpful. Configuring input and games should be as easy as with DrNokSnes (or maybe even easier?).

Concept: MPlayer or VLC mobile UI
An alternative video player with support for more formats. They exist to some degree, but there is really no UI for them yet. A concept for an UI to easily select videos, and control playback is what this session should yield.

Concept: Device-wide search
The idea is to have a simple way to search (via keyboard input) all data on the device - conversations, contacts, music, videos, documents, images, e-mails, notes, applications, ... Something like Gnome Do or Quicksilver, but for Maemo. Ideally, we would be able to replace the "type-to-search contacts" of the Desktop with this (but that's a technical issue, the idea is to get a concept for an easy-to-use device-wide search tool).

Usability: Nicotine (or any other P2P filesharing app)
There should be an easy way to search for files, download them and then play them back. Nicotine is already there, but there's too much configuration and clicking involved. I think Daniel would be happy to get some support here.

Usability: Dopewars
Improve the usability of Dopewars. Game sessions should automatically be saved and restored, trading and fighting should be easy, a better overview of the buy/sell lists, etc.. (while still retaining the original gameplay feeling.. or maybe not?). Dopewars is fun already, but the UI is lacking (try it out on Maemo 4).

Usability: irrecco
Last time I tried this, the UI was horrible (had to get the stylus out, but it was still hard to use). Still, it's (afaik) the only application that can currently make good use of the IR transmitter in the N900. The backend is available, all we now need is a beautiful and easy to use UI with which users can configure their remote control buttons.

Graphics: Panucci
This is a portrait and landscape audiobook / concert / DJ set / podcast player for Maemo (some use it for music, too). It supports bookmarks and resuming, so the UI focus should be on these features. The UI is currently not optimal, so graphic UI designs for both landscape and portrait mode would be nice. (Disclaimer: I'm a developer of Panucci)

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