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The e34 has OBD1. You're best off buying a carsoft package with OBD1 interface for the e34. e.g.
IIRC the OBD1 DLC plug location for the e34 is only available under the hood. If you want to check/run error codes you have to do it with the hood up and the car parked or on a dyno.

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This is the sort of killer app that the platform needs! Awesome work iNdT! This needs to be front and center on Tableteer IMO. It's also prime material for an article in Car and Driver and similar magazines.
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i just installed this app, and will be getting the car connection kit from elmscan in the near future. i gotta say that this is amazing. i do have a couple of questions/requests.

- is it possible to have the carman app adjust settings such as air/fuel mixture, timing advance and things like that? say i drove my hot rod ('99 Ford Escort Wagon SE ) to the drag strip, and wanted the settings adjusted based on humidity and air temp. could this be possible with the OBD II connector and carman?

- Turbo Timer and Control. can carman be set up to control things like boost pressure and those types of controls with and OBD II connector?

- EDIT - Also how do you switch from metric? i edited the carman.conf to be "imperial", but it switched it back on me when i restarted the app?
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