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Will it be a Maemo 6 or it will just be MeeGo?

Just to clarify this single question.

P.S. Please be considerent with people time and do not merge this to some thread with hundreds of posts. There are many people that don't have time to go through hundreds of posts for a simple answer.
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Nope. It wil be Windows 3.1.

How should we know? It's not like Nokia is flooding us with information, you know...?

We can speculate all day long, and that's all it will be. Speculation. Until either Nokia tells us what's up, or until they release the software... or, until some beta tester slips and says something s/he shouldn't have.

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Maemo 6 is MeeGo 1.0

And it will be released in september at the nokia world.

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So what’s with Maemo6? Maemo6 will be MeeGo compatible.....consider Maemo6 already a MeeGo instance.

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Some quotes from PCMAG website,2817,2359259,00.asp

"The first MeeGo release is expected in the second quarter of 2010, with new devices coming next year. "

"Oistano pointed to Nokia's N900, a Linux-based smartphone introduced last year, as an example of devices that would benefit from MeeGo."

"Nokia has not decided if Maemo 6 will still be branded as such, but in terms of experience, the transition should be seamless, Oistano said."

The first quote I put up would almost seem to disagree with the 3rd quote I put up/ If meego is coming out, what will it be running on? No new hardware is expected until next year?

From my guess, the n900 will be the first meego device?

Maemo 6 is no more. maemo is no more. hehe MaEmo is NO more. That means Ryan won't care what case I use anymore.
To all my Maemo friends. I will no longer be monitoring any of my threads here on a regular basis. I am no longer supporting anything I did under maemo at If you need some help with something you can reach me at or I have disabled my PM's here, and removed myself from Council email and Community mailing list. There has been some fun times, see you around.

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Yes, I read that, too. However I'm undecided whether I should trust the content of PCMag. How do I now they are reporting what was said, when they cannot even spell Kai's name correctly?
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Originally Posted by penguinbait View Post
Maemo 6 is no more. maemo is no more.
Rest in Peace Maemo.

RIP Maemo.

You were loved.

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Hope the Maemo will not go to the garbage bin> This is because of different reasons. One is MeeGo is based on Moblin Kernel. And Moblin is based on Fedora. They switched from Ubuntu last year.

I understand Intel wanted QT development and ARM architecture support for their Moblin OS, but why Nokia is selling itself to Intel and what about the Maemo kernel, Debian and everything?

If it is a real OSes merge, why MeeGo is using Moblin kernel and the kernel is not a merge?

And what is Nokia getting from this? Do they want to produce phones or tablets with x86 architecture? That will produce more fragmentation. I still don't get what really Nokia is getting from this deal.

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I saw someone post the statement taht Maemo6 is a instance of Meego.

That would make more sense. Given that any Moblin/Maemo merger is going to have to expand the hardware computability of both. It seems logical to develop a top level product called MeeGO that defines the API etc. then to have sub products built on that core.

MeeGo with a kernal and binaries built for OMAP is Maebo
MeeGo with a kernal and binaries built for Intel is Moblin

Whenever MeeGo updates the core libs etc Meabo and Moblin would autobuild downstream. As much as possible would be moved into the upstream source and developed there. With and Nokia or Intel propitiatory code needed to support dedicated hardware being added on the downstream builds.

A guess of course. But such a structure would allow for many more MeeGo instances to be created by LG Samsung HTC etc etc. And given that the only benefit of such a move is to open up the ability to develop cross platform it would make sense.

This way foss app developer would compile for their own platform. The source when wanted would be moved upstream and communities like this would optimise etc downstream if needed/wanted.

And for profit companies could create single source for the product and build their own autobuild and repository tree for distribution.

Fairly similar to how many closed source houses have had to work for PDAs etc in the past but more of a common structure.

This is what I would want to see anyway.

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I pick today as the day Maemo starts to go downhill. Oh well, I hold high hopes for Mer.

First the OpenMoko failed, now the Maemo tablets will fail - both caused not by technical problems, but by bad decision making.

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