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Originally Posted by astrogirl View Post

i updated my firmware recently and since then i believe almost all websites (google, gmail, etc) have been giving me a "site not found" error. i had no problems with my n810 connection at home before this, and the internet works on my home computer. only a https:// site i use for uni email works.

all my catalogs say failed to refresh as well, and underneath say "Temporary failure resolving '<repository-name-here>'". i wonder if this is because it is not connecting properly, or if it is the packages that are the problem? oh, the maemo repository does refresh, which is the only one with distribution "/" in it.

any one had a similar problem with diablo? i tried a fix that prk60091 suggested that suggested enabling a proxy and removing the ipaddress and then disabling, only there was no previous address stored, so this didn't help.


In another thread i gave you a link to show you how to fix this issue

this is my answer that i posted to your other question on this same topic....follow the directions and you should be aok
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Originally Posted by prk60091 View Post
i found the answer in a prior bug

here is a very simple way of restoring

Just edit the connection in Connection Manager and in the "advanced" section:
o tick the proxy-enable box
o delete the proxy IP
o set the port to 0
o untick the proxy-enable box

Thank you very much for your help.

However, I tried this, and when i enabled the proxy (on both my home and uni connections) there wasn't a proxy IP to delete, and the port was already at 0.

The connection definitely doesn't work at home or uni, only at home for that one website :\

Perhaps I will try just reflashing, in case another install is causing this problem (i installed android, and partly installed debian)

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oupss...wrong threat srr

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please help me , i have flashed my nokia n900 due to some problem , but after flashing every thing is good , but i didnt find skype in my voip , i am not able to find skype install file anywhere , please help me to install skype. thnx in advance.
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You posted in an almost 2 year old thread (initially) about Maemo 4. Your Nokia N900 has Maemo 5.

Skype isn't an install on Maemo 5, you just have to go into your account settings and add your credentials there.

Maemo 5 forum is located here and the Nokia N900 forum is located right here.

You will want to check and search those forums for your answers. These things have been answered before.

Good luck!
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