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Originally Posted by qole View Post
Is there some special trick that I'm missing? I'm doing it like in EIPI's blog...
Nope, you're in Canada: All the networks are out to trick you!

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Originally Posted by qole View Post
EIPI: I meant in Vancouver, of course. Of course you've been able to see it for a while.

Slocan: I have tried that trick, both at UBC (where their home zone is only partially covering the campus) and at my house (right in the middle of the Vancouver home zone). All I ever see is the Fido network, nothing else.

Is there some special trick that I'm missing? I'm doing it like in EIPI's blog...
I'm in the building where the Wind offices are located, maybe that's why .
Settings->Phone, making sure it's set to Dual mode (I think you need to actually save that setting, not just selecting it), then Network Selection, manual, and after quite a while, Rogers and Wind show up on mine.
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Sorry, qole - was just trying to be funny. If you are not set to dual, you will not see it. A sure bet is to set it to 3G, and then it should only pick up "Wind Home". I am using the 2G/3G switcher nowadays, and it makes this type of stuff easier to manage. Hope you guys have a fun meetup!
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You can get WIND Home at SFU if you go outside the south end of most of the buildings. Basically anywhere you can see down in to burnaby. I hope they have coverage in July, that would be very nice. It's hard to convince people to sign up if they aren't going to be covered!

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