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just a thought but any programmers out there try to get Hava to release atleast the GPL portions of the Nokia N8x0 client. I mean it;s linux afterall and maybe a way to make a general purpose linux client. Since it seems like further development has been more or less abandoned, would be nice if someone could make improvements to the player.

on another note, I respect that Hava as a company will do whatever it decides to do to protect their intellectual property but in my opinion, they are missing the boat as far as selling more of these units. unless I am mistaken, they should be making the bulk of their money on hardware sales.

i know they have gotten to charging for their new clients like the iPhone and personally, I don;t mind paying a nominal charge for something that works well. if programming manpower is an issue, they could leverage the vast programming resources out there in open source.

anyway, been about 3 days now with my refurbished could die at any time Hava Platinum. been watching some World cup and baseball and so far so good.

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