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I've come across and used 'multi-pairing' BT headsets before, but they never seem to work as I'm expecting to, or are intended to work in a way that's at odds with how handsets usually pair.

For example, the BH-214 is a 'multi pairing' headset, but with seemingly a single pairing at any one time - i.e. you have to switch the 214 off then back on for it to re-pair with something else. The 'switch headset' mode (holding down the call button for more than 2 secs) never seems to work.

Some of Sony's BT headsets specifically say that you can simultaneously pair a A2DP *and* HSP device to take calls from the HSP device and music playback from the A2DP device, the latter muting when the call is taken - but I've never got this to work.

What I want to do is what Sony's BT headsets claim to do - pair the N900 or another phone with the headset as a PHONE, and pair another device - e.g. the N900 again, or my SPINN - as the music device.

Is the BH-214 capable of this? Am I missing a trick? Or is there a headset (ideally jacked, so I can plug in any headphone I want) which allows me to do this?

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I've used Jabra (forgot model #) and it paired with an iPhone, a Blackberry and a macbook pro without the need to reset/repair the devices.

Not sure of what exact feature to look at when buying multipairing BT headset, cause in the past I've gotten one that claimed to be multipairing (I think it was a samsung or SE one) and the behavior was just like what you described...
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Most BT headsets can pair with 4 or more devices. They will usually automatically CONNECT to the last device they connected to, or any device they are partnered with if it is the only one in range and they are not actively connected to some other device. If that's not the device you're currently using, you may need to tell the device to connect to the headset.

Pairing just means the two devices know about each other, and the user has correctly authenticated the two devices, so they can connect in the future without authentication, and possibly automatically.

How they connect (automatic or otherwise, and in the presence of multiple paired devices or not) is up to each device manufacturer.

I don't think any bluetooth device can be connected to two other devices simultaneously except in PAN network mode.
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OK - I've got it to work.

The key was to connect the audio device first. The N900 can establish a connection when it makes a noise / receives a call.

Not completely foolproof, but it's working for me at the moment.
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Originally Posted by schettj View Post
I don't think any bluetooth device can be connected to two other devices simultaneously except in PAN network mode.
Actually afaiu some can be connected to two devices at once. The idea is that you can pair to e.g. your pda/PC and listen to music using that connection, and also be paired and connected to your phone so you are automatically interrupted by any phone calls.

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