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Any news on a better email client?

I have two pop3 email accounts. One of them have more than 60 plain text messages waitnig to be fetched and modest just refuses to do it. I'm using wifi. It shows the total numeber and after an hour I can see the headers. But they are all empty.

The worst thing about modest, besides lacking any intelligence at all about what how to get messages, is total lack of information. it doesn't show what is is doing or not doing. If you are lucky it shows a spinning cursor and that's it. You don't have a clue. It might be downloading nothing, one email or one thousand. Who knows.

I'm getting quite desperate. Have anyone mamaged to install something that at least works? How did you do it?
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The only other installable e-mail client is Claws and its UI is not optimized (it's just a straight port). I guess you could also try running Thunderbird through Easy Debian.

Best bet is probably the web interface (Modest is a mess). Or you can try the patch someone made, it improved its responsiveness immensly for me.
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Other solution is patching the orig. mail client to modest-3.4.2-baxyp-1.

Thanks to baxyp, he patched the mail client.
I patched and after reboot the client is fast as it can get.
(check my pop 3 acc in about 1 second)

look Here for the install package and Installation instructions

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