Poll: Which project would you like to win the System & Utilities category?
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Which project would you like to win the System & Utilities category?

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The poll is now finished, and after admin and mod help to verify the scores the final order was:

Faster Application Manager
Extended Call Log
Case File Manager
Auto-Complete Editor
Stroke Order Chinese Input Method

Thank you everyone for voting For further news or discussion please continue on the competition discussion thread.

We have 17 entries to judge from the System & Utilities category. And we'd like your help with that!

Some entries are substantial ugrades to existing projects while others are completely brand new. There are prizes for the winners, so try them out and please vote for the author/project you feel deserves to win

Please understand some of these applications are in the development and testing repositories, there may be bugs or other issues that have not been discovered yet. You should be comfortable with that before installing any application. Also, zero flaming in the voting threads please.

Please see poll for closing date and time. More info on these 17 entries can be found in the posts below.

You have one vote in this category and it can't be changed later! So use it wisely!
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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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Application name: Alarmed
Author: Shapeshifter

Description: "A 'cron-like' GUI scheduling and automation app for many common and custom actions"


Features and updates for judging:
0.1.9-1:Cleaned up dependencies, no more boost! Pyside ftw.
0.1.9-2: Added bluetooth switch
0.1.9-1/2: Added saving/loading presets when using command line execution!
0.1.9-3/4: GPRS counter reset fixed, resets both home and roaming at the same time.
0.1.9-5: Switched around alarm buttons and added info message to alarm dialog.
0.1.9-6: Improved list layout (no more sideways scrolling)
0.2.0-1: You can now toggle (enable and disable) events

Get it from: Extras-Devel (http://maemo.org/packages/view/alarmed/)

Maemo.org Thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=46594

App name: ApMeFo
Author: Nathraiben

Brief description: GUI-based approach for creating folders in the application menu. Create folders, assign them an icon and move your applications from the main menu into your custom folders (in customisable order).


Package name and where to find the app: apmefo http://maemo.org/packages/view/apmefo/

Maemo.org Thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=56844

Application Name: Auto-Complete Editor
Author: Rob1n

Description: App to allow addition/removal of entries from the user's custom auto-complete dictionary.


Maemo.org Thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=55884

Application name: Buddy
Author: Krk969

Description: Buddy is a budget/expense manager for Maemo/PC. It is still in development and not yet released.


See more at http://buddy.passiongarage.co.uk

Features/work to be judged: Features worked on during the competition period include multi platform/language support , performance improvements, PR1.2 repackaging etc.

Maemo.org thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=649844

Application name: case
Author: lukash

Description: A two-pane file manager for N900. It aims to provide clean and effective interface to allow fast and comfortably manage your files. Current version features copying, moving and deleting files and directories with advanced dialogs for overwriting files and handling errors. It does so in the background with progress and ETA indication and allows multiple operations simultaneously.


Features/work to be judged: everything as of latest version

Package name and where to find the app: case in extras-devel

Maemo.org thread and garage page:

Application name: Extended Call Log
Author: matrim

Description: Provides a better view of your call log and extra ways to filter it.


Features/work completed during competition period: This was started before the competition but I've added alot of code and updates since the competition started.

The changelog since the competition started is
0.5 * Add about box using he-about-dialog
* bug 9649 - Add option to call back a GSM contact
* Add option to open the contact card if the call is from a contact
* Unknown numbers now displayed correctly in detailsWindow
* Change how calls not from a contact display
* bug 10550 - display a banner when a call is deleted
* bug 10551 - close detailsWindow when that call is deleted
* single tap will now open detailsWindow. No need for double click any more
* display length of call if end-time db field in use (see trigger hack http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=42624)

0.4 * Added ability to filter by date
* Allow -1 in the limit to show all calls
* Show number in main list
* Added notification to warn that load times can be long
* Changed "Received" to "In" and "Dialled" to "Out" in filter
* Fixed issue with filters caused by new rtcom-eventlogger library and database in PR1.2
Get it from: http://maemo.org/downloads/product/Maemo5/extcalllog/

Maemo.org package link: http://maemo.org/packages/view/extcalllog/

Contest entries continued on next post
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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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Application name: Faster Application Manager
Author: hqh

Description: Faster Application Manager tries to be what the name says, a fast-to-use graphical front-end for apt-get, written from scratch and optimized for the N900. It's WAY faster than the built-in manager, allowing multiple selections before time-consuming operations, etc, etc...

It can:
- Install, upgrade and remove packages (select multiple before performing operations!)
- Filter packages quickly by category or status, sort packages, search packages and the user can also blacklist them!
- Optionally handle ALL packages, not just user/ categories
- Manage repositories
- Works both in landscape and portrait mode

It can't:
- Integrate into the system's auto-update functionality or Ovi store

- Filtering by date/fetching dates is an experimental feature at the moment and needs to be enabled from the options menu first for it to work for packages that have not been already installed


Get it from: Extras-Devel. All the standard warnings of extras-devel apply.

Application name: FastSMS
Author: realsportscars

Description: This app allows writing SMS using an input style like T9: obviously it isn't the same algorithm, but could be a good starting point.

*FastSMS comes with italian, english, spanish, french,portuguese and german dictionaries.

*It is possible choose between portait, landscape or autorotate orientation

*Send SMS are displayed in standard conversation window

*New words can be inserted and saved

*PhoneBook managed using MyContacts or Horizontal-Call


Maemo.org Thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=56220

Application name: Gonvert
Author: epage

Description: A conversion utility that allows conversion between many units like CGS, Ancient, Imperial with many categories like length, mass, numbers, etc. All units converted values shown at once as you type

Features and updates for judging:
Rewritten to use Qt in preparations for Meego
"Favorites" for unit categories and units
Quick Jump
Recent Conversions selection
Adding a single window Category, To, From conversion mode.
More? I can't remember


Get it from: http://maemo.org/downloads/product/Maemo5/gonvert/

Maemo.org Thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=34403

Application name: KitchenAlert
Author: helihyv

Description: KitchenAlert is a timer application, (to be) designed especially for baking and cooking purposes. This is an early release with not much features, but you can already have multiple timers running simultaneously. The alarm sound can be changed by the user.


Tip: Please test whether your volume is set loud enough for you to hear the alert from where you will be keeping your N900 before actually using it alarm you of something.

Get it from: KitchenAlert is now in extras-devel and extras-testing.

Application name: NetStory
Author: JereM

Description: Record and view your home network data counter periodically.

This utility consists of two parts: a daemon that records network data counters in background and an GUI application to view hourly, daily, weekly and monthly net traffics.


Get it from: Extras-Testing

Maemo.org Package: http://maemo.org/packages/view/netstory/

Application name: Push-It
Author: emesem

Brief description: Push-It. One button-stopwatch.


Features/work to be judged: The button

Get it from: extras-devel

Application name: Quick-launch
Author: B0unc3

Description: Quick-launch is an application consisting in a statusbar applet that shows four buttons that you can use to quickly launch your preferred applications and a controlpanel applet where you can configure the statusbar plugin by setting the shortcuts. It has also a small dialog interface that you can decide how to bring up, through the power key press or by opening the lens cover.

quick-launch 0.5 major features :
- launch a dialog through the power key press/camera shutter opening
- possibility to run a command (in terminal or not)
- possibility to clear a slot (or more than one)
- control-panel applet refactoring
- statusbar-applet icon size fixed (48x48)
- other minor improvements


Get it from: extras-testing

Maemo.org Thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=46321

Application name: ShipRolling
Author: CaCO3

Description: Records and visualises the ships rolling.

Due the wind and waves every ship will roll once in the open waters. ShipRolling can measure and visualise the rolling of the ship with your N900.


Features/work to be judged:
First application that records the rolling of a ship. Also it is my first real N900 application.

Package name and where to find the app:

Forum @ Maemo.org:

Application name: SleepAnalyser
Author: CaCO3

Description: SleepAnalyser records your movement during your sleep.

It is able to visualise it on a graph to show how much you move during your sleep. This can help to indicate how you sleep. Old records can be visualised and you can load records from your friends. SleepAnalyser has also a test function. It will record and visualise much faster. Also it will make a beep when ever your movement goes over the trigger level. It is a similar application like SleepCycle on the iPhone


Features/work to be judged: See description.

Package name and where to find the app:

Forum @ Maemo.org:

Application name: Stroke Order Chinese Input Method
Author: Amanda Lam

Description: This software attempts to implement the Stroke Order Chinese Input Method as found in other Nokia Symbian phones sold in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, by utilizing Maemo 5's Hildon User Interface.


More from http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...7&l=8384833344

Features/work to be judged:
- Inputting Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese characters by pressing one or more of the five basic strokes
- Wildcard character "?" support.
- Showing candidate characters that match the strokes in a TouchSelector control.
- Once a character is inputted, its associated phrases will be displayed for selection.
- Inputting English characters and symbols by clicking through the TouchSelector items.
- Sending SMS to local/international numbers of one or more recipients, and then write the sent record back to the Conversations database.
- Message length detection and breaking long SMS message into multiple ones.
- English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Cantonese User Interfaces are displayed based on current system language.
- Associated phrases are displayed in their Traditional / Simplified Chinese order based on current system language.
- Landscape and portrait mode support.

Package name and where to find the app/repository: strokeorder (maemo.org extras-devel)

Maemo.org thread: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=57141

Application name: URPO
Authors: artohyv & helihyv

Description: URPO Remote printing utility lets you print files from N900 to a computer-attached printer. The computer (LINUX, any UNIX really...) has to run the SSH and CUPS servers. All file types supported by CUPS are printable (text, pdf, PostScript, bmp, gif,jpg etc.). There's some setup to do on the first use, but there are clear instructions in the program's help and its
webpages ( http://urpo.garage.maemo.org/).


Get it from: URPO is now in extras-devel and extras-testing.

The extras-testing page for URPO is: http://maemo.org/packages/package_in...el/urpo/0.9-3/

That's them all, good luck to everyone
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Cybot950 - Control a robot with your N9/N950
SMSPetFeeder - Build a Bluetooth/SMS dog feeder with Qt, N950, and arduino
Nerf950 - Use your N9/N950 to fire a Nerf gun

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Fapman Win hands down.

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Auto complete editor is my vote

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There are great programs in this category too, but for me also a clear winner. It tells something that I used one of those applications to install some of the other applications I still had not installed earlier. Faster application manager is really really good piece of software!
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The best thing about this voting thing is that it has made me aware of some really cool apps I would never have heard of otherwise. Don't know most of the apps on this list but can read the summary and decide if there are any I want to install. Cool!

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Originally Posted by etuoyo View Post
The best thing about this voting thing is that it has made me aware of some really cool apps I would never have heard of otherwise.
Right, me too. Never heard about AutoComplete Editor and last thing I heard about getting rid of broken entries was "not possible". I'm just trying this out. Thanks for the hint!
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My opinion: although there are many useful applications listed, there is one app that really deserves winning this contest: alarmed!

My reasons:
  1. it adds an essential functionality to maemo/N900
  2. it works flawlessly
  3. it's simple in first use but extensible to any complexity
  4. it's designed with the user in mind, not only some abstract logic and cryptic CLI

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[x] Fapman

But it's a hard decision, many great apps to choose from.

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