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Community SSU for Maemo 4 is now stable and available to all

It's been talked about for a while, but Lucas Maneos took the ball and ran with it: there's now a community-owned software update repository for users of N8x0s. Announcing this milestone, Lucas said,
the first "stable" community SSU is now available in the repository. Many thanks to all the testers who made this possible :-) [...] Now that this is out it frees up -testing for more experimental work. If anyone wants to contribute in any way, please ping me. Ways to participate include: adopt a package, evaluate and apply existing patches to it; discover patches or other improvements that can be applied; for the extra brave, follow the community-testing repository and report any issues found; maintain and improve the wiki pages.
With Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh's equivalent for Maemo 5 gaining traction, the possibility of a roadmap of improvements and bug fixes for non-MeeGo devices seems entirely possible. However, both SSU efforts are primarily packaging and logistical tasks; only bug fixes and improvements developed by the community can be shipped.

Nominations open for Maemo Community Council election

Having returned from holiday, and not being given much time by your editor, Dave Neary - who acts as's returning officer - has officially opened the nominations for the Q3 Maemo Community Council election:
To nominate yourself or someone else for the council, please email the maemo-community mailing list with a clear email header (something like
With over 500 eligible candidates, this could be the most varied and important election. Things are clearer about the relationship of the Maemo and MeeGo communities, but the migration paths for users, contributors and developers is not yet completely clear.

In this edition...
  1. Front Page
    • Community SSU for Maemo 4 is now stable and available to all
    • Nominations open for Maemo Community Council election
  2. Applications
    • Chess clock application supports lots of game styles
    • MeBook development continues post GSoC
    • Maevies updates
  3. Development
    • When should an email address be suitable as a bug tracker in an Extras package?
    • Running PySide applications in Qt Simulator
  4. Devices
    • Accessing N900 contacts from cars' Bluetooth systems
    • Walkthrough of various N900 tethering options
    • Nokia Care seeking more information on users' experiences of N900 USB "defect"
  5. Announcements
    • Font Changer allows user selection of theme fonts
    • ringtoned updated to include vibration options
    • Open source Twitter sharing plugin for pictures
    • ...and 3 more
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What? Still nothing for the 770?

(Would have been funnier had there been N8x0 stuff in there. Pththth)
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Originally Posted by danramos View Post
What? Still nothing for the 770?

(Would have been funnier had there been N8x0 stuff in there. Pththth)
Ooo, I'm gonna give you SUCH a ban!
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