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Yes, 3G cellular is a bit of a closed, carrier specific, mess in the US (for Nokia as well as users). It would be good if the IT can rely on WiMax in 2008 for the always on connectivity. This may be why development of IT is somewhat slow, because Nokia specifically does NOT want to put carrier specific 3G in the IT and is waiting for WiMax buildout.
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Originally Posted by ldrn View Post
You can't change your mind and switch from Verizon to Sprint or vice-versa with the OQO, either. It's hardware specific.
Ouch. The best argument I've seen for keeping the cellular functionality out of the tablet.
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I can really see the arguments on both sides, but what is really missing (especially in the US) is ubiquitous wireless. Finding hotspots in New your is a excersise in frustration. My need for a cell phone is very limited. To pay for a voice plan and a data plan is just a waste of money for me.

I guess my real wish is that nokia could have sold an IT starter kit that came the tablet and a little cellular block that I could keep in my pocket (with an unlimited data plan) so that even if i didn't need a phone i could still use this device as intended.

Then they could also sell it without the block for people who really need to have a phone as well.

Just my .02.

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