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2008He mmc boot on 770:

1) menu>Communication>Internet call>menu>Tools>Accounts...>New allows accounts for Google Talk, Jabber and SIP.

Google talk>Use existing GoogleTalk account> user name and Password > Done

Gizmo5>User Name: ****
Password: *******
check Use for PSTN calls

When people call your googletalk number, your 770 will ring, and you can answer and started talking. 3am in the morning, my wife REFUSE to play phone with me , I can only see the program runs with no problem, do not know about audio, it calls out and answer incoming call, no crash. Dont know about audio as nobody wants to play with me at 3 am in the morning.

chat works

1) AppManager>Browse Installable...>Skype

It runs, log in, connected to your skype account, you can dial out and answer incoming call; the 770 would keep on ringing, but as soon as you pick up the phone or the other line picks up the phone, 770 would end the call with message, "sound recording error"; it runs, text, chat, rings, till voice then it crashed with the message.

chat works.
Had gizmo installed first, then dl the version for N800 (chinook), installed without problem, took a long time though. version
Totally working, dial out, and leave message and voice quality is crystal clear

Oh well, it is getting too late.........anybody interest to pick up from here to make 770 work as a phone under 2008He?


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Amazing to get such milage from such an old device.

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