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I made a clone of the builtin camera application and need some testers.
This is for testing only at the moment. Thats why I put the binary here,
insted of uploading a packege. You should at least know how to disable
the builtin camera app, otherwise both stand in the way each other.
Most things are working. What's left:
1. No "edit tag" dialog from the image preview window, as this dialog is closed
source. (For whatever reason - not even the devel files are accessible)
2. The remaining image and recording label is only a dummy. I know how to
compute the available memory, but I need a way to guess or compute the remainig recording time. I could need some help here.

Some of the extra features are experimental, and there settings
aren't stored (all settings from the builtin app are stored as gconf setting)

Most important:
-you can choose if you want the camera app to open
when the lenscover is opened or the camera button is
-enable focus while video recording
-enable/disable audio recording
-an extra button to start/stop recording
In theory pause and resume recording is possible.
(not included in this version, I have to make more tests.

Geotagging is seperated in two options:
- tag GPS position
- tag location (country, city...)
That way you can tag gps position without an internet connection.

The camera api has some colorfilter. They are working, but
sometimes (the negatve colorfiler for example) the viewfinder image
doesnt look like the captured image.

Keyboard control:

Scene mode selection:
a automatic image capture
p portrait
m macro
l landscape
n night
v video
V night video

i toggle through iso level modes
w toggle through white balance modes
c capture image

r start/stop recording
p pause recording

z/Z decrease/increase zoom
f/F decrease/increase focus (step 1)
g/G drecrease/increase focus (step 50)
1 set min focus
0 set max focus

R/r enable/disable raw image mode (raw files have the
normal image name with .dng extension)
t toggle light (focus torch mode)

h toggle indicator light


source removed, as it is a part of CSSU now
new binary uses some extra icons. You have to put them

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File Type: gz camera-ui.tar.gz (58.9 KB, 1138 views)

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you forgot the binary...

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u using the default drivers or fcam drivers?
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More great stuff Nicolai, I suppose once tested and fully working you will push it to the CSSU, won't you?
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awesome stuff, gonna check it out in a sec. just a suggestion, how would a dedicated button to switch between Video and Camera mode sound? right now you need to click the button on the side then click another button, takes too long. The button I suggested would just switch between automatic video and automatic camera, if you wanted the dedicated modes, you'd need to click the button on the right.

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how to install untar and just got camera-ui2
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This is truly awesome
I had a quick go at the app and most (if not all?) its features.
Is Night Video working? I'd expect the ISO to be very low there and so the frame rate of the viewfinder would be low, but it seems to be the same as normal video.

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remaining pics and video recording time is just guesswork also in Nokia's cam. Use a reasonable hardcoded set of constants to divide free storage. There's actually no better way I know of. (well, make that gconf-consts ;-D)

Given the fact there seems to be no usable video cutting/editing app on maemo, a video-rec pause function would be mad useful
\o/ for focus on video

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any chances we can use front camera to take picture to with this???

hopefully you can mod you new apps so we can use front camera (take picture) aswell...

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^- that would be great, though the camera quality of the front camera is horrible.

camera-ui, fremantle

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