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I have an issue my qt home screen widget no longer works. It loads for a second then disapears. It worked fine before this last update. It depends on the qt4-homescreen-loader.

The widget is called proxyswitcher.

The method i used was from here :

further info: it loads for a second flashes up on the home screen then something must be closing it because it re appears in the add widget medu for the desktop. any other qt widget effected?
ok latest information before if i went into xterm and ran the widget it would create the widget fullscreen in an invisible stacked window. now since the latest update it seg faults when trying to run it.

has anything changed that could cause these affects?

The widget was working fine on my desktop before the update. Updated with the cssu update and when it restarted the widget no longer shows?

By the way i am the developer of the widget this is why i am so interested i do not mind if i have to make futher changes to my application to get it working but i think some other apps may experiance problems with the same issue.

If any one wants more info just ask.
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funnly enough altho i have made no changes to the way it works since i have already tested it. the example still works so its something to do with my code and the api used.
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Sorry, but your link isn't available.

Try to execute the widget in Xterminal, probably in this way you could see if there are errors.
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My developed widget still loads after the CSSU. Are you using the last (16kb around)?
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Jamie, did you find a solution to this? I'm not using the community SSU, but some users of my qt widget (oculo) are reporting the same problem. :-/
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The CSSU last version deploy a new version of QT, version 4.7.2.

There are some bugs in the raster engine. If you try with native engine it ll works but will be really slower.

QTBUG-18720 is one of the bug i notice. And i ve found yet which commit bring this error as this error didn't exist in 4.7.0.
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