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Originally Posted by detronizator View Post
BIG OT: When PR1.2 is going to be out?
yeah when.....

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When it is done and it have been approved to release. Not sooner, not later.

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... Also given the fact that the Maemo SDK 5 didn't say: "if you are using Qt 4.6.2 in /opt and update to the 5th version, automatically the Qt will become 4.7 and the non-opt will become 4.6".

... causing in the way a BINARY BRAKE OF ALL THE SOFTWARE YOU WROTE SO FAR ON 4.6!!!
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Originally Posted by jsa View Post
It has been known for weeks now that MeeGo in some form will run on the N900, confirmed by Valtteri Halla's Towards day 1 blog post. That's one reason why some may have seen it as sensationalist. The other is that you didn't specify whether you understand that there are many things that could be referred to as MeeGo, some of them of no interest to the vast majority of people reading the thread. It's kind of essential to make the distinction when discussing anything MeeGo. It may well be that Vanjoki was referring to to this "code dump" version. I can promise you I'll eat a hat full of sh** if N900 comes to Brazil in May running anything else than Maemo 5 out of the box.
I am aware there will be a "core dump" version by the end of the month and this doesn't mean official support for N900, but I work at a commercial area and I don't think a VP from a major company would talk about pre-alpha on N900... the audience of that press release was journalists, not developers, and they were announcing all the new models which are about to arrive on Brazil. The article I posted was from a reliable news site, which mainly cover IT business, not technical stuff. I emailed the journalist saying that he might be wrong but he told that confirmed the news with Nokia Brazil. If Vanjoki meant the "core dump" version he passed the wrong idea for a lot of journalists, since the news was posted in other sites... Anyway, feel free to eat whatever you want!!
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Yeah really interested in seeing MeeGo, although I think I can settle for screenies when it comes to MeeGo on the N900. But you guys have to make sure to post some screenies! :O

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