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Not sure since when but all of the below stopped working not so long time ago:
  • Facebook chat: can't get online, keeps popping with password prompt despite proper password provided
  • Facebook concatacts sync: I guess related to the one above
  • Google talk: can't get online, says incorrect password while for the same account email sync works well
  • AccuWather: doesn't search for any location, doesn't fetch weather data

My assumption is that public APIs of the above services have been disabled or changed. I would like to confirm that and know if there are any solutions or it's rather time to get android device
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First use search option and THAN post. We don't need hundreds of new posts for the same problem

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That's why I posted all the questions under a single topic instead of creating one per each ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

To be honest I tried to search. Forum's search is a joke, using google with modifier at least gave something. But those are mostly old irrelevant topics which gave me no clue about the current state of the listed services.

Anyway, I would appreciate at least simple yes/no answers so I would know is it worth of digging any further. Otherwise, unwillingly but, I'm going have to buy android device.
Unfortunately I can't wait any longer for new Jolla phone with such a degraded device which lacks basic services.

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accuweather, facebook, google, obsolete

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