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Well well, what do we have here...

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Originally Posted by MJ Technology
Risks & Challenges:

1. Failed past Linux/Ubuntu Projects - We totally understand everyone’s apprehensions since the Jolla and Ubutab incidents and the fact it has made everyone very cautious is something we take very seriously here at MJ Technology.

Jolla just needed to be upfront: the money and development focus was on the Sailfish OS and the hardware was an afterthought, not a priority for their campaign here on Indiegogo.
Heh, looks like they promise to do better than Jolla.
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And what do we know about Mark and Jay and MJ Technologies? Those specs read like a standard OEM machine though.
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IIRC this is the company that also promised an Ubuntu tablet some time ago... In fact, you can still find traces of that on their website (at least the URL hints at it):

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The first???
I do not think so!

Anyone remembering the wetab tablet Even the community forum is still existing.
You could install any linux distro .

It was heavy, huge and loud, because of the fan to lower temperatures of the Atom based system.

Also many of the early Stylus-based Siemens-Fujitsu tablet could run linux. I remember doctoring an LT C500 to run Debian. You had to extract the harddrive to install linux to the first, then install via a similar laptop and the linux kernel would pick the modules for the tablet hardware.

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$0 USD raised by 0 backers
Estimated February 2017

Ehhh, no.

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Please, someone summon Dave999
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I think the most wonderful aspect of this device is you have the option to boot up Windows 10!

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It seems they made MJ7HDTV 7" Android Tablet with Built-in HDTV Tuner

Before they planned this tablet with Ubuntu in mind.
and collected nearly 9999

In this indiegogo campaign they have at this moment:
$3,429 USD raised by 16 backers 27-nov
$4,064 USD raised by 19 backers 29-nov
$4,539 USD raised by 21 backers 30-nov

If they get $1,000USD each day, they will get only $USD34000 USD in a month. So they will need at least $3,000USD daily to obtain fixed goal of $100,000 USD

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8hours work time? come back when they have a tablet with a week of usage without recharge. F.F.S. a new laptop holds better battery time even if screen is huge and Quad core CPU.

Also it will fail, why the f.. do you want to run a Linux desktop on a tablet without keyboard?

Seriously I have realized Tablets still are a toy for teenagers/kids and only for use with games. Sent my Android tablet back after 2 days of use.

Still use my laptop.
Go librem

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