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Saw that on sale for $9.99 this week in Sunday's newspaper ad (obviously this is relevant to people in the US, perhaps Canada, as I know this forum has folks from all around the world). Seems like a pretty nice full body case the Nxx0 series devices would just about fit absolutely perfectly in. As the DS/DSi are almost the exact same size (when closed) as the Nxx0 series, it should be fantastic as a solid full-coverage case.

A razor blade to one end to cut out "ports" would provide access to the headphone/power/USB jacks. It might even be entirely possible to slice a section off the back (the non-lidded side) for speaker holes and the control buttons and even the screen. And of course, the holders there would obviously be able to handle some extra SD cards if necessary. Seems to be a magnetic closure on it...

The more I think about how I could "mod" this case rather easily the more I think I should be running out to Best Buy to get one, like, right now.

Think I'll do that... I'll report back on my findings, but I wanted to pass it along to others in case they've been looking for such a case.

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mmm that case is sexy!
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its the same price on amazon.thought i could get it cheaper
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I didn't get a chance to get to Best Buy yesterday/last night, so I'll be going today for sure. I did some research on the size of the Nintendo DSi it's designed for and discovered the DSi is 12% smaller than the original DS so this case is obviously smaller.

The DSi measures 137mm wide x 75mm tall by 19mm thick (I used Metric there for the rest of the world, us folks in the US would read that as 5.4 inches wide x 3 inches tall x 3/4 inch thick), so... had to measure my N800 just now to be sure and it came in at almost exactly the fit, it's thinner than the 3/4 inch at the widest point (where the stylus goes), but the width and height are almost a dead match.

I would say this case is going to fit nearly perfectly for the N800, not so sure about the N770 as I've never had one (didn't look up the dimensions), nor the N810 but, seeing as it's got elastic material on the sides it's designed to widen a bit if necessary.

The N800 in this thing will be the literal "snug as a bug in a rug" saying...

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This looks nice, though how secure is it from falling? I usually carry my tablet in a laptop harddrive sized hardcase (designed for hard-drives). I usually can carry my bluetooth headset and GPS (though with both it's really snug.. so I usually just keep my bluetooth GPS on my keychain since it has that option).
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Make sure to post some pictures when you get/modify it.
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Doesn't seem to be available in Canada. Looks nice tho.
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Originally Posted by qole View Post
Doesn't seem to be available in Canada. Looks nice tho.
Well, at least not on their site. I was in Best Buy for another reason today, thought I'd stop by the games section, and there it was.

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I picked one up today at Best Buy and it fits perfectly. I have bought other cased before. None were just right till this one. Is just what I had been looking for. It will protect the N-800 it is not too bulky.
Thanks for the heads up.

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Yah, I finally got mine tonight. Downside is the material is damned thick, like around 3/16" thick (say maybe 4mm). It's sturdy, and the inner lining is felt-like material to keep the casing/LCD from getting scratched, so that's a positive.

It fits the N800 like a glove, literally. The flip-top cover seems a bit large to me, for what I had in mind. There's a chance that I'll simply slice that off (using a razor to remove the threading that keeps it attached to the main body of the case), and just use the main body as a "drop in" protective covering.

I can still cut holes in the one side to access the headphone/power/USB ports without totally destroying the elastic sideband so it remains intact and keeps the main body tight against the N800. I may even go ahead and slice the front panel open for speaker holes and the LCD and buttons too, it depends.

For $10, you can't go wrong I guess, if you can lay your hands on one. I think $9.99 is basically the regular price. Walmart has it listed online for $8.96 so, if they had it stocked locally I could have saved a buck I suppose, but the DSi just came out and most places don't have a full stock of accessories just yet.

I don't have a camera so I can't take pics at the moment, but once I make a final decision if I do mod the case and mutilate it I'll be sure to borrow one from a friend for some after-mutilation pics.

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