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So does anyone have this driver? I'm not looking for super stability.. I just want to be able to perform deauth attacks and fake ap attacks...
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Originally Posted by hawaii View Post
The driver isn't loading and taking control of the device. Manually modprobe/insmod after syslog reports it's connected and see what dmesg spits out.
What's the module name?
I tried modprobe r8187 nd modprobe rtl8187 and got module not found.
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in theory the driver comes integrate since power kernel 47 and if you try to connect a rtl8187 wifi card to n900 through HEN if you look at kernel output in HEN console it recognise it!! but then if you go to terminal and prove ifconfig or airmon-ng dont recognise it so it is kinda confuse because if "ifconfig" dont recognise it means the kernel dont it too.

This thing break my mind for a long time, because i was very interested in connect external antennas to N900 and i prove everything but get nowhere. I think only pali or someone a that highest level of skill has the power and knowledge to make this work.
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OK, for future visitors of this thread I will post the instructions that made it work for me
First I followed all the instructions of pinoverclock and they were almost flawless, the only thing he forgot was you also needed to insmod the ieee80211-rtl.ko right before the r8187.ko
If you, just like me, are not very enthusiastic about compiling, I will give you my compiled modules which, even though compiled some for kernel power 47 and some for kernel power 46, should work on all power kernels (maybe even stock, who knows, I will not try myself). I use kernel power 46 modified to inject from the internal thing and it works fine
Sorry for the wierd triple extension, blame the forum 488kb limit
Good luck, you just extract the file and insmod all the modules in the following order:
Happy Hunting!

EDIT: I forgot remember to rmmod the wl12xx and mac80211 modules before you insmod the next
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This is great!
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Hy Linuxeventually

The question would be whether you could explain step by step installation procedure? (the RTL8187 (r8187 driver))

Many Regards AndreW

Originally Posted by linuxeventually View Post
@ -Tyler-
You really shouldn't be compiling this on your N900 if possible. Instead you should use a cross-compiler environment such as scratchbox within a desktop Linux install if possible. Enabling the SDK repo on these devices is generally discouraged as it can quite easily break your install. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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How to load rtl kernel module manualy?
or what should i do with kp52?

H-e-n console says
[87295.076629] usb 1-1: Product: RTL8187_Wireless_LAN_Adapte
[87295.076660] usb 1-1: Manufacturer: Manufacturer_Realtek_RTL8187_
[87295.076690] usb 1-1: SerialNumber: 00C0CA2053D9
[87295.076721] hub 1-0:1.0: state 7 ports 1 chg 0000 evt 0002
[87295.076812] hub 1-0:1.0: port 1 enable change, status 00000503

lsusb shows realtek too,but iwconfig shows only standart wlan

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When I do with drivers from post in this thread
insmod /
insmod /
insmod /
insmod /
insmod /

i got error "-1 Unknown symbol in module"
plz help

Found how to solve that at aircrack site,but i can't get it compiled

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Doesn't have "kernel-power-headers" in my backtrack ,So how to compile Stack and Drv?

PS I believe one day i'll have success with it

alfa, external, r8187, rtl8187, wifi

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