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Pretty good start at least, IMHO.

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Unbelievable, but seems real:

Art. 58a. (New - SG. 50 of 2016, effective 07.01.2016) Upon preparation of technical and functional assignments for public procurement to develop, upgrade or implementation of information systems and e-services administrative authorities must include in the job following requirements:
1. where the subject of the contract includes the development of computer programs:
a) computer programs must meet the criteria for open source software;
b) all copyright and related rights on the relevant computer programs, their source code, the design of interfaces and databases whose design is subject to the order should arise for the principal in full, without limitations in the use, modification and distribution;
c) Development should be used repository and revision control maintained by the Agency in accordance with Art. 7c pt. 18;
2. to implement automated interfaces to ensure free public access to electronic documents, information and data in machine-readable open format, including by publishing portal for open data under the Law on Access to Public Information;

Additional provisions
1. For the purposes of this Act:
30. (new - SG. 50 of 2016, effective 01.07.2016) The "Open Source Software" is software whose source code is publicly available for free with the right to review and the right to edit under conditions set by the copyright holder.
Never fear. I is here.

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This is very welcome!
Not much a friend of (over)regulation but history shows what can happen if a city (munich in 2003-2013) invests into foss to have theyr public administration under own control, but does this on voluntary idealistic basis or to reduce licensing costs.

Some years later a "M$ advocat" (bribed??) gets elected as major, complains his staff can not do "vital" stuff on work computers and mobile phones that they are used to from home computing o.O
This is the only raised argument to roll back an highly advanced and specialised foss system to replace it with windows again in the coming years as far as i am informed.

Some munich citizens here with more insight to that matter?

EDIT, Haha actually reading the linked wikipedia article again after long time held awesome news, maybe the project will prevail after all

October 2014 In response to inquiries by the Green Party, mayor Dieter Reiter revealed that a transition back to Microsoft Windows would cost millions of euros.[39]

August/September 2015 Jan-Marek Glogowski of LiMux presents about the project status during the "Debian Success Stories" track of the Debian conference[40] and at the LibreOffice conference.[41]

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