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My N800 is just my bedside alarm clock now. I don't know what I'd do with it otherwise, since I have no programming skills.

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I use the terminal daily with lynx with ssl as text browser and mosh to administrate my server.
I ported some text tools for that: zsh with grml configs, mosh, jed as editor, elinks, w3m, mutt, hnb, feh, wcalc, sc, slsc, slsh, gcmc, vfu as filemanager.
New versions of openvpn, tor, libressl

I managed to get the arduino toolchain running, including avrdude to flash arduinos via usb.

It's my mpd client, ebook reader with fbreader.
mupdf as pdf alternative...

I love the n810 because of it's keyboard!

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Is anyone still maintaining apps for n8x0 ? please list them at
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:

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I will not be writing about my usage of Nx0 series. As it happens almost every linux box and device can be modified freely, so even for 10 years old unit there is still a ton of possibilities with proper knowledge.

When android/ms phone reaches a year of it's existence it is dead if the screen wasn't broken first of course

My brother killed some kind of Huawei device few days ago. He got it only for few weeks. Drop on the floor and sudden death. Now he is forced to work with my not used n9 and he seems to be more and more interested with it. My blood

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