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Originally Posted by Pim View Post
Fantastic to hear this. SailfishOS looked great on the Jolla tablet, even better than on phones IMHO. The only problem was apps failing due to memory issues. Better hardware like this Z3 should fix that.

I hope Jolla starts offering commercial support for SailfishOS on this device, like on the Xperia X phone.
Certainly Sailfish OS looks great on this device, and being an armv7 device you dont have that problem where all the apps need recompiling into x86 to run, you've just got the usual display scaling issues.

I don't think we will see commercial support from Jolla on this though, the base AOSP is not good enough and the hardware is a number of years old now and probably not that easy to buy anymore. In fact its been a few years since Sony has released a tablet at all so maybe they have a new one in the works.
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