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are the keys configurable? if so - how do i change them?

if they do then it will be possible to play it with anything - DS3, gamegripper etc.

ok - found it in the game's menu

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*pkunk thread resurrection*

As version 7.0 of UQM has been released (with quite interesting list of bugfixes), is there any chance of updatin Maemo version? Flandry, what do you think about that?

It would give great benefit of having savegames compatibility between desktop machines and N900

N900's aluminum backcover / body replacement
N900's HDMI-Out
Camera cover MOD
Measure battery's real capacity on-device
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Originally Posted by OVK View Post
After thinking more about this, the best way around the problem would probably be using the touch screen for navigating the menus. Would it be possible to implement this kind of feature (I noticed that Flandry had plans for mouse control of starmap, maybe this could be implemented at same time?)?
How is your progress on this idea?
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Originally Posted by ArnimS View Post
How is your progress on this idea?
Unfortunately, lacking all skills required for this I could not code this change even if my life depended on it.

Would be nice if somebody made it happen
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