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Unless I'm very confused you need to use the same key for both devices...
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default key for N810 is listed as "1234" in hcid.conf. i will try changing it to "0000" and try again. thanks for the tip
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it doesn't work. initiating pairing from cd player fails as soon as i have keyed in the passkey on the N810. same result if i initiate the pairing from the other way. but an interesting point to note is that the N810 added my cd player to the list of bluetooth devices as a HFP device, which i take to mean Hands-free profile, while the cd player showed failure. try as i might, i couldn't get the N810 to transmit any sound to the cd player.
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I couldn't refrain myself from posting :P. Sorry.

This is not a hint for some proper native support, just a cosmetic name hack I did to show off to friends.
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I have an N800 with OS2008 ans a Motorola S9 stereo bluetooth headset. I went thru this howto, and everything seems to work, sorta. I can either use a2dp enable and a2dp disable, or a2dp toggle, and always get the dialog box reporting either enabled (lol..Rock On) or disabled. When I listened to the movie that is in media, the one by Nokia, I hear stereo sound . That is using MPlayer. Listening to mp3's in mplayer, kago, canola, or anything else, I only have mono sound, left side only. It is not very likely, but maybe my headset is messing up. I should have my new cell phone (Nokia 6555) which has a2dp, so I will test the headset then and see if I get stereo sound with the phone. If I don't report in that by Monday, March 24, 2008, then it means I did get stero sound from my headset when paired with my phone.
As far as setting up the software, it was very easy. Thanks!

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Are you on irc with that name?

Canola doesn't use mplayer to play snd so that is out.
Set kaju in options to mplayer.

My favourite is xmms for a2dp.
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Hey, thanks to all the folks, especially Johnx and rm_you, who have pushed a2dp along. I can report pretty much the same as others. Mplayer works great (with my Moto S9) provided I manually set the frequency governor.

The CPU load issue explains the oddity I experienced when I first set up a2dp. Sound worked pretty good for videos with motion and music, but sound broke up horribly during parts with just text and a quiet tone in the background.

For what it's worth, this reminds me of a nasty probblem I have running Vmware on my Linux Thinkpad. Vmare does not properly report its "CPU demand," and thus, the ondemand CPU governor doesn't increase clock speed when the guest OS is under load.

Instead of manually setting the governor, I wonder if it might be possible to run a script that would keep the CPU at its highest setting. I can use something like this on my laptop:
 user@n810 ~ $ cat
while ( true ) ; do a=$a; done
Running the script with a high nice value (19) keeps the CPU at its highest level with a low priority for the loop. For the N810, the problem is that 'nice' doesn't seem to come installed, nor did I find it in a repository (I think I'm missing something here). The advantages to me are that a script like this doesn't require root privileges, and it can be used for a simple wrapper script.
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Will this work on the 770?
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This specific hack won't, unless you use 2008HE and then *maybe* it will work. On 2007HE the a2dp packages for OS2007 may work, and on OS2006 I have no idea.
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I bought a S9 also recently and installed the A2DP hack on my N810.

Installed mPlayer (as Canola doesnt use mPlayer).
The BT audio for my music was great quality over the S9. Very sharp and crisp sound. I really loved it.
But sadly the CPU overload did it for me and I had to give up this hack. While music is playing, even if I touch on any menu item, the music start sputtering and stops and starts and is just unlistenable.

Utilamtely I had to give up on A2DP for now, until we get a better A2DP support (possibly with Diablo ?) and returned my S9.

Now I am thinking I will get a A2DP suported BT adapter which plugs into the headphone jack on the N810 and use a BT headphone as before (I am now considering a Lubix NC1 headphone instead.).

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