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Originally Posted by Johnathan View Post
I'm trying to get this thing to compile and it's not working at all. I don't know how the hell to configure this dev environment... it gives weird errors for no apparent reason and doesn't attempt to tell me how to fix it. It's now complaining that python2.5 is "too old" because it thinks it's older than 2.2. WTF? )
thanks for the rant. I hate to post a 'me too' comment but this deserves acknowledgement. Working around these issues can take a lot of time-energy and *I* personally apologize for not doing a better job to help get issues fixed upstream.

This is a learning process for me, certainly, being a productive part of a community and not just a tinkering leech.

I'm sorry, i don't know the workaround btw but keep working on mypaint folks. With better brushes and some arm optimization we could have a real genius app.

The main thing i want to advocate for mypaint is a less modal UI *option*.

I want to be able to select colors, brushes, intensities/alpha or other parameters without interrupting workflow or stepping through python stuff. This means - imo - adding some form of elegant overlaid control elements - not sure about best design.

A great project awaits here...

[edit] N810 has lots of buttons, so i mapped some. Consider doing this also.

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