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Originally Posted by haelge View Post
But beware of bad karma, because all available tablets are already purchased and paied by crowdfunders and pre-orderers, who mostly wont get a tablet at all.

This is not actually true. Imagine the money raised by crowdfunding was poured in to a big bucket with all the other monies raised by Jolla (from sales, grants, financial backers etc). Jolla then used this big bucket of money to pay for things - like wages, development of the OS, hardware development, advertising etc, all the things a company must pay for to produce a an OS and a device.

There is no bad Karma, Jolla simple ran out of money and was unable to pay for a quantity of Devices it had previously ordered.

There are various other threads about buying a Tablet from China, It was a very limited number to start with, I think several people have recently tried to order one, but have been unsuccessful as the limited stock has all been sold.

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Originally Posted by zenecho View Post
There is no bad Karma, Jolla simple ran out of money and was unable to pay for a quantity of Devices it had previously ordered.
Worse than that, they happened to hit a funding delay and be temporarily out of cash just when the factory needed to be paid to ship the existing tablets and make more. In the few weeks it took to resolve that, the whole thing had fallen apart. It really is very sad, and a warning to all trying to enter the mobile device business.

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So, my Taoblet arrived.
(Actually it did so yesterday in my absense at work – but some people knew what I was waiting for
and a colleague of mine just payed the courier the 70€ tax without hesitation – I love my team.)

Here's what may be of interest to someone:
  • I used taobaofocus as an agent instead of yoybuy. Worked, didn't feel quick, though. There were always a few days delay between stuff happening.
  • It is genuine, store worked after system updates. I also did some "ssu"-commands before upgrading, but I don't think they were essential. Android works, just had time for some quick tests of few Apps from the Play Store, did not install other Android Stores yet.
  • The seller is out of stock – sorry I could not report earlier, but I guess that means some of you might have gotten lucky there as well. I count that as a good thing.
  • DHL (I used DHL Express International): Call them if something about customs pops up on your delivery notifications. Contact forms or mails get to the right people but may take longer. They have to know how much you've spend… this should be obvious, but: Be honest.
slumber: sensors enabled sleep timer for SFOS (translations/input/… appreciated if you've got some spare time)
talefish: directory based audiobook player for SFOS
list of i486/noarch packages on openrepos (jolla tablet)

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Using Yoybuy I tried to get the tablet from the seller chengxinrn. And even though it was marked as bought for days my money was eventually refunded due to having no stock. I placed another order from another seller on 3/6 but it still has not been marked as bought. So I bet the tablets are all gone now. UPDATE: yep, the second seller also is out of stock (despite still listing it for sale...).
And I'll be out Paypal fees due to the way they work.

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from Twitter :

@yoybuy: Jolla Tablet 8.3mm thin,Display 7.85″ IPS, Atom Processor Z3735F Quad Core 64-bit 1.8 GHz

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Jtabs at Taobao seem to have been sold off...

I tried to purchase from all listed 1888yuan sellers within the last 4 days but all reported "out of stock" to yoybuy.
Last chat message from Yoybuy i got regarding my latest attempt from this night:

sorry dear. this one is out of stock also. and we didn´t find it in other sellers. so i will refund you. thanks
If it is untrue and sellers only tell to be out of stock, waiting for Jolla to deliver the last jtabs and then have the chance to raise the price even more is to be seen.

But for now, i am giving up.

Edit, Haha, one more try on NapaDokcs link which he provided while i was typing e.g. not having reloaded the page
They actually list the tablet on yoybuy themselfes in that link? WTF is going on.
Edit2: on closer inspection, the yoybuy article linked to Han-yi telephone, whom i tried already 2 days ago... so i guess the link is a zombie and i soon will hav my 9th refund message from yoybuy...
Edit3. The article is "in Process" since an hour for the first time.
Before it always went to "await refund" directly.
Agent at taobao is someone new named "dong". i was served by lilian, karen and angelina before. Maybe dong can be more convincing than the girls

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Ebay is the only choise you have nowadays. I paid for mine new Jolla Tablet 64GB with LastuCase 470 EUR. Between 400 and 600 you will find one, but that is not cheap....
Jolla Tablet is an Linux HW Artifact now, very rare.... :-(

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