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What do you think about this kind of screen protection?
Have you tried any of the list?
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I've tried a couple of the different films they sell. They fit very nicely to Jolla. If you buy the more expensive ones youll get better durability.

I dont know if there's glass films available for Jollas, if yes, then buy that instead of plastic.

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I have Vikuiti Mysafedisplay screen protector. Its 1mm too short but that doesnt really matter. I have had it on for almost 1 year now and it has only one scratch that you can see.

I had also Mysunshadedisplay. It went very bad in 11 months that I used it for.
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Agree with nestori. I have also tried different ones they sell and the most expensive one is the best. I have had it on my screen around one year now without peeling off or making scratches to screen.
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Ive tried the "Vikuiti™ MySafeDisplay Screen Protector DQCT130 from 3M"

Does the job really, easy to put on, fits well, doesn't leave a mark if you take it off. Had it on for a good 6 months without issues.
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