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... 2 x N900's will last me for years until something newer and up to my standards (decent) comes out.

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For me N900.. or any other device as powerful as N900... waiting for Nokia to produce accidently another device like N900....which they too dont know how powerful it is... even after leave N900 there are lots of things been achieved by the help of this Community...
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after the n900 the only other mobile that has the same appeal is the N9, android doesn't appeal, used them before. don't like the galaxy s2, it's wider then my laptop nearly and i like to have my phone in my pocket and be able to walk without looking like peg-leg. Ios doesn't appeal at all. i like having xterm and easy root. although i'm not very proficient with linux terminal i do like trying things and learning etc.

be nice if i can still get spare parts for my n900 to keep it going for another few years if i get faults.
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I agree with my posters on here nothing is really better than the N900 at present for my needs. As the N9 is not going to be available on contract in the UK and I fear may lack any longterm Nokia support or ever get Flash 10. It looks like I will be forced to move over to the rmoured HTC 1.5mgz or iphone 5 if I need a new phone later this year as the SG2 build quality/size puts me off that phone.

Really hoping LG will release a meego phone and perhaps google buying moto may force their arm in this regard? Wishful thinking I know!
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already have two N900s (one as primary & 2nd as dev)
from some NITDroid testing i concur with others on the thread that android simply is not open enough. not even properly Linux. more like iOS then like maemo.
looking into getting a 3rd N900 to be kept as backup of the primary, booted up once a month or so to sync them 'til primary wears out.
using dev to check MeeGo's progress & if it gets far enough to be a primary OS, well, good for N900 & MeeGo

still hoping that after the wp debacle, NOKIA may come to its senses & start building MeeGo devices again & who knows, a successor to the N900

just downloaded all Maemo repos so that i can refresh a N900 w/ FW & reload all SW from the local repository on my PC (via ftpd or if no other way httpd / still to be looked into) from a FAM installed software list.

should keep me going even post Elocalypse
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I'll try to get N9 as Slovenia is not canceled yet (simply because i want it!) and as for *phone*, I'll probably get E6.

Have some experience with other touch phones and "touch" thing is simply not for me
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Samsung Hercules or HTC Ruby.
Originally Posted by ysss View Post
They're maemo and MeeGo...

"Meamo!" sounds like what Zorro would say to catherine zeta jones... after she slaps him for looking at her dirtily...
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Droid HD?

If someone can get Maem/Meego on it I'm there!!
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i just bought my next phone: A nokia n900. It will sit in the cupboard until my current n900 breaks hardware wise.

The only other thing looking interesting is the upgrade mainboard for the openmoko (, however I have not enough time for tinkering with such stuff
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I think I will get one Galaxy S2 , but I will keep my lovely N900 too .
N9 and N900 , the beauty and the beast

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