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Works really well!
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The 'comment' text box is still squished in the version from the garage project (0.4.3-3). Unfortunately, that makes it unusable for me since it is the most used box for me.
Voice choppy on sip calls
Please vote for bug number 10388
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You should be able to read it in the entry "detail view" which is a configurable HTML zone and contains already "comment" by default.
To change it, open Settings, then Appearance and click "customize entry detail view"

Or else thanks to the virtual keyboard when editing an entry.
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Has development on this ceased?
0.4.3-3maemo from the garage seems fairly usable.
Added 1% to my Rootfs.
Is there a reason that only 0.4.3-1 is available in devel-repo.

Started using this on Ubuntu. Great application.
If used inconjunction with the New Ubi (Ubuntu One) application, one could easily keep all there passwords with them.
The stable-beast currently runs...
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