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New thread about kernel-power v50 is here:
New thread about development is here:

Kernel-power version v49 is now in Extras-Testing!

In version v49 was new frequency scheme, so everyone who has custom profile (or modified /etc/default/kernel-power) MUST modify them according to new frequencies, i.e to remove 700 and to change 750 to 720. See more on

Update (from old version):
Use Hildon Application Manager or via apt-get

In Hildon Application Manager install package: Linux kernel for power user
Or via apt-get package: kernel-power-flasher

Overclock support (optional):
In Hildon Application Manager install package: Linux kernel for power user (settings and overclock)
Or via apt-get package: kernel-power-settings

Multiboot support (optional):
In Hildon Application Manager install packages: Maemo ULTimate BOOTloader and Linux kernel for power user (boot image for multiboot)
Or via apt-get packages: multiboot and kernel-power-bootimg

Multiboot and overclock support can be uninstalled via Hildon Application Manager or via apt-get. Uninstalling kernel image is possible only via menu entry "Nokia Kernel".



kernel-power (1:2.6.28-10power50) fremantle; urgency=low
* Fixed reboot problem
* Added option (sysfs entry) to disable indicator led
* Enabled module xt_owner
* Fixed scheduling while atomic bugs
* efuse calibrations are re-calculated - using linear approximation instead of hard-coded increments
* Fixed camera driver to use framebuffer memory for video-capture buffer (DMA to framebuffer)
* Enabled cdrom drivers
* Disabled verbose power_supply messages
* Notify about changed musb mode
* Disabled mesh network (kernel sometimes crashed)
* Fixed the famous BT headset disconnecting issue
* Upstream patch: Bluetooth: Fix potential bad memory access with sysfs files
* Disabled errata 430973
* If FM transmitter is locked do not show error message when trying to change power level
* Fixed oops in g_ether with windows
* kernel-power-bootimg package now working with U-Boot Bootmenu too

-- Pali Rohár <hidden> Wed, 14 Mar 2012 19:43:04 +0100

kernel-power (1:2.6.28-10power49) fremantle; urgency=low

* support for binding and unbinding framebuffer console
* split nokia patch nokia-20093908+0m5.diff into more
* smartreflex - added calibration values for 720MHz and 805 MHz (SW calculated according to TI docs)
* update radio-si4713 fm transmitter:
* removed nokia code and special ioctl which disabled changing power_level
* ability to lock and unlock power_level via sysfs
* update bq27x00 battery driver:
* backport changes from upstream
* add support for accessing bq27200 battery registers using ioctl
* fixed rx51 board info and module now working again (but bme must be stopped)
* fixed rebooting device after battery module was unloaded
* update dspbridge driver (by freemangordon):
* fix ioctl buffer overrun
* DSS video memory is increased from 6 to 8 megabytes, allowing DSS scaler to rescale HD videos (including 1280x720)
* add support for for CONFIG_BRIDGE_NEW_API
* fix DSP cache when is incoherent with main memory, which leads to memory errors
* backport fixes from omapzoom kernel-omap3
* backport harmattan patches
* support both new and old ictl
* added new patches:
* adding-ramzswap-driver.diff
* patch_swap_notify_core_support_2_2.6.28.diff
* update_mmu_cache_arm.diff

-- Pali Rohár <hidden> Fri, 18 Nov 2011 22:44:19 +0100

kernel-power (1:2.6.28-10power48) fremantle; urgency=low

* cleaned and rewritten debian/rules
* cleaned patches (splitted nokia and omap patches)
* revert back -source and -debug package
* updated info about kernel-power for HAM
* possible to install only -bootimg package (same features)
* fixed kernel-power uninstall script
* 720p DSP patch by freemangordon
* ext4 data corruption patch by Tigerite
* minstrel-aziwoqpa patch from garage tracker
* compcache/zram patch from kernel-bfs
* enabled usbnet dm9601 kernel module
* enabled nilfs2 kernel module
* enabled xts kernel module
* fixed class 10 microSD card
* disabled patch i2c-battery.diff
* disabled board-rx51-peripherals.diff (disabled autoloading bq27x00_battery module)

-- Pali Rohár <hidden> Sat, 09 Jul 2011 16:03:55 +0200

kernel-power (1:2.6.28-10power47) fremantle; urgency=low

* enabled additional kernel modules (for usb host mode)
* backported bq27x00_battery patch
* some patches from kernel-power bugtracker
* multiboot support in kernel-power-bootimg package

-- Pali Rohár <hidden> Sun, 01 May 2011 01:22:09 +0200


Known problems:
* JoikuSpot not working
* Some bluetooth headsets not working
* BME and bq27x00_battery module cannot live together

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Seems that nobody is maintaining it. It would be great to have an updated version with the bleeding edge wifi drivers included.

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If you want a bleeding-edge power kernel, take a look at kernel-bfs. It's power46+BFS+wl1.

Although, I had to tweak my Swappolube settings, enable HWSync and mlock hildon-desktop to make it feel as smooth as CFS.

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I assume you are refering to v0.46?

I'm sure that it is receiving some attention because it's functionality is an integral part of the h-e-n software, which is being worked on. There are patches on the garage site but, I agree, it's not clear whether or when they're going to get integrated into the kernel itself.

There is a possibility that certain sections will be merged into the CSSU [Someone please confrm/reject this].

Other factors that would reduce development on this, apart from the developers having lives/jobs/families/etc, is that the CSSU is something of a priorty task (AFAICS), then there's Meego and the Meego coding competition, etc, etc...

- all the same, thanks for flagging this up, it's good to find out what's going on from time to time. From my point of view, it would be good to have a development status paragraph in the maemo wiki so it's clear what's being worked on (and what's not). Also, this might allow others to contribute if they knew what could be done to assist.

Edit: Thanks Hurrian. Have you tried this? Please comment on stability/battery drain/anything else you've noticed...

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Could you backport some drivers from meego kernel? like de powervr driver with vsync? Sorry if is a stupid question
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See this:
Maybe if I have time I will took at.

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@demolition : I had to use the IO Improvement Swappolube tweaks to make it stop locking up and rebooting whenever I use Easy Debian and do a full upgrade.

BTW, is there any way to get the device into noop? Every time I try to change the scheduler, I get permission denied. (even with sudo!)

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So, Titan does not responce to my mails....

As I wrote Now I builded new kernel packages based on power-kernel v46 (without patched wifi driver yet) but due to size limit I cannot uploaded deb packages here.

Does anybody know good upload server?

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Why not use mediafire or rapidshare?

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