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Hi all,

It is with sadness that I have to report that I heard from Gary's wife today that he died last night. I don't have much by way of details.

Gary was important to me in my connections to Maemo. I recall sitting on a bus on the way to Barcelona airport dreaming up Maesheep. And Gary escorting me back to my room after one too many Guinesses in Dublin with perfect chivalry.

I shall miss him - and his dreams with liqbase and liqflow.
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Did not know him personally but my wishes are with his family. This community, though binding us through a common admiration for a certain type of technology - allows us to befriend people who we can share so much more with.

Thank you
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Horrible news.

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It's very, very sad, and sad.
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This is devastating. Gary was a founding member of this community. He and I were as close as two people a quarter of a planet away can be. I can't talk further yet.
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I can't believe it, that is truly terrible news. Gary and I spent a lot of time chatting both online and in person at the Maemo and MeeGo events. Such a sad loss.
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I remember when he had to take plane for whatever Nokia convention, and he was broke, and several fellow Maemians immediately offered him a donation for his ticket. He was very appreciated here, and deserved it, because other than a dev he was felt as an artist and an interesting person.
The sorrow that we feel now is the mark for the very real human relationships that occur here, which are the most important thing, other than tinkering with tech toys for fun or for a living.
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Gary was a passionate and endlessly enthusiastic member of the community. His words of encouragement got me to work on and complete several projects.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary on a couple of occasions, and it is hard to imagine a person more genuinely interested in interacting with people.

My thoughts are with his family and friends in this terrible time. Very sad news indeed.

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Having only interacted with him via these forums, and limited at best, it is sad to learn of his passing. It is generally a skeleton crew that keeps communities like these alive, that contribute to the debate and function... certainly he was one of those few. He will be missed by many who enjoyed following the course of his thoughts....
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gary birkett, memoriam, respect

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