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I haven't been using the phone for a while, and now I can't see the old photos in the DCIM directory, only the ones that I have taken freshly, and the (old) videos.

Yes, I've checked, the files are there.

Is there any way to make the Gallery app to re-reead the DCIM dir so I can see all the pics?

It also might (but not necessarily) have something to do with the Drop Cache app that I've found on the Warehouse that I've found earlier there, probably run and forgot about it
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There are two options as far as I remember, the simplest being to install N9QTweak by Schturman > KK (Files Tweaker) > Option 9 Gallery Fix and secondly see this thread:

Please note that unfortunately dropbox link to download .pdf manual to device within QTweak upon launch is no longer viable.

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Thanks. What this actually did is rendered the whole gallery invisible, but later on I noticed that it has moved the dir somewhere else, I copied them back and all fine, heh!

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