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I don't know if you have Xperia X, but WebCat acts sluggish on it. On Jolla C it was my preferred browser, but on Xperia X the performance is noticeably worse than on Jolla C for some reason. Meanwhile the stock browser performs much better than on Jolla C.
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Webcat uses QtWebkit which only uses CPU acceleration.
So that explains it.
On the Jolla C the 720p display could be handled by the CPU reasonably well. (and the GPU sucks)

On the Xperia X the CPU cannot utilize the full potential yet (see some CPU limitation threads on tjc)
That should explain all that.

Have you tried out QtWebkit 5.212 on the Xperia X yet? It handles rendering differently (actually utilizing a seperate thread for it).
So performance should be better with that installed.
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Hey llelectronics, I'm back to Webcat after some romance with Sailfish-browser.

Is last session restoration implemented? I asked the question some years ago and you said it was planned, but I couldn't find any option for this in the settings. Or maybe I need to use a special last-session URL as the start-up URL?

Also, the native editor for text fields does not appear on my phone: when I long press a text field, I just get the blue text selection overlay.

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Finally WC work OK on SFX(qtwebkit5.212), Big-Thanks to: Leszek
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Is last session restoration implemented?
Go to History and see the pull down menu there.

Also, the native editor for text fields does not appear on my phone: when I long press a text field, I just get the blue text selection overlay.
Tap on it and it will open the native text editor

Update: Version 2.9.8 is out now

This version focussed on some refactoring and simple bug fixing.
Some new features slipped in aswell like a clear indicator when you start the browser in private mode.
The new file manager features for copy and moving in the background from LLs Video Player and Encode are included here aswell.
The current website can now be opened in Sailfish-Browser by choosing it from the share menu.
Most noticeable bugfix for QtWebkit 5.212 users is the introduction of a workaround to highlight the clicked links. This uses CSS active and hover events. So it is not working perfectly.
Tap Highlighter needs to be fixed in qtwebkit for it to work better.

  • Detect HTML5 Media elements and embedded youtube videos after website completely loaded
  • Cleaned up Mediadetect.js (make mediadetect rerun html5 a+v & yt embed detect on touchend)
  • Some cleanup (make toolbar browserComponent and separate it from firstPage)
  • Fixed show sun/moon icon when in readermode and toolbar is expanded again
  • Some cleanup (make extraToolbar browserComponent and separate it from firstPage)
  • Fixed some errors in TabList
  • Updated translations
  • Give visual feedback when started in private mode (Closes #59)
  • Sync fmhelper changes with (LLs video Player) -> Copy/Move process in background
  • Get rid of warnings during compile
  • Make MediaDownloadRec browserComponent and separate it from firstPage
  • Fixed mixed content media site (HTML5 + YT) download button
  • Added Sailfish-Browser to share menu
  • Use slightly different approach for devicepixelratio hack that visually looks more pleasing
  • Prevent worker thread of FolderListModel from starting immediately
    de-duplicate some expensive calls
  • Set contextProperties up before loading qml to avoid error messages
  • Enable certain features only on newer qtwebkit versions if available (MediaSource Support, Autoplay Blockage)
  • Added workaround for taphighlight not working on qtwebkit 5.212

You can find the rpms on
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Big new Update: Webcat 3.0 is out now

See Video about the new highlights: Webcat 3.0 New Features

This new version following the example of emacs to conquer the world now also includes a full fledged filemanager.
Jokes aside the filemanager component has been synced with the one from LLs Video Player allowing you to create bookmarks for certain folders and share them among the applications (that support this).
By pressing the star icon on the filemanager menu entry you can now create a standalone link to directly call the Webcat Fileman(ager).

Besides that the overall UI has been overhauled. The bookmarks and tabview don't open as separate page anymore but instead swipe in ontop of the current page which makes switching between tabs a lot faster.

Thanks to all the feedback of RC users (Webcat 2.9.9) there is also a new indicator for the currently opened tab.

The extraToolbar has new icons and a resolution independent placement of those icons.
You can find a dark mode or night mode there aswell as a new menu to select file manager, backup manager, video player and download manager.

The video player component now opens up as small player window on top of the screen (in portrait mode) and allows you to scroll the rest of the side on the bottom. You can however also swipe down on the video player component to see the top of the webview and vice versa.
(Note: depending on the hardware and the video quality the video might be a little bit sluggish)

Quickscroll is now fixed for landscape mode (actually it is still broken upstream and I added a workaround to simulate Sailfishs/Silicas Quickscroll in landscape)
The toolbar goes into minimized mode whenever the page end has been reached and hides media bar if visible to allow seeing the end of a page.

The rendering cut when letting the browser render in the background or switching to another app has been worked around and shouldn't occur anymore.

Several other bugs and cleanups went into this major new version.
See the changelog for a full list.

You can get this new version on

If you want to support my work. Please donate.
Donation is now also possible with a monthly support via LiberaPay. (see signature for links)

  • Only add default bookmarks once on first start (not if bookmarks are empty)
  • Cleanup (Make TabBar otherComponent)
  • Added nightMode Button (replaced newWindow button) [Thx to Dharmendra63]
  • Updated urls for default bookmarks
  • Port away from SelectUrl page and use TabBar and BookmarkList components (faster navigation less clutter)*
  • Added workaround for rendering cut when window in background
  • Doubleclick on Goto Button switches to previous Tab
  • Distinguish single and doubleClick on gotoButton more and don't fire singleClick event when doubleClicking (200msec delay timer checks for single and double click)
  • Hide webview when bookmarkList is visible (more performance on some devices)
  • Added File Properties Page for FM
  • Open internal video player for audio files aswell
  • Allow opening files with a click on file icon in properties
  • Added RenameDialog + show full size of directories
  • Added CreateDirDialog + fixed removing of folders
  • Added permissionDialog
  • Adapt to new SailfishOS Gallery video player defaults (Close button top right, Fullscreen button bottom right)
  • Fixed margin bottom of fullscreenbutton + margin right for when maxTime is not visible
  • Proper fix for video player component size and anchors after exiting fullscreen or changing orientation
  • Added placesPage for FileManager
  • Removed Pulleymenuitems available in placesPage and add properties to pulleymenu in filemanager
  • Calculate dirSize in background so it does not freeze FileManager UI
  • Added option to add custom bookmarks to placesPage
  • Allow renaming of custom places items
  • Allow setting desktop link to Webcat Fileman
  • Double click on video player component switches to or from fullscreen
  • Disable Split WebView as not working anymore
  • Fixed Video Player Component wrongly anchored on close
  • VideoPlayer Component takes now 1/3 of the the screensize in portrait mode and allows you to browse the web while watching a video
  • Allow swiping video player component up and down to reposition when not in fullscreen or landscape
  • Make sure webview gets visible when exiting fullscreen in portrait mode*
  • Make sure to hide webview on fullscreen all the time
  • Removed pressandhold on gotoButton and quick extraToolbar navigation
  • Cleaned up extraToolbar. Removed newTab + closeTab.
  • Visually redesigned MenuPopup to match rest of Webcat
  • Always show 7 items in extra toolbar and align them to screen size
  • Removed menuPopup from Tabbar (is available now in extraToolbar)
  • Make extraToolbar bigger
  • Use solid highlight color dimmed down as tabbar highlight (show active tab)
  • Removed Jolla Tides default bookmark (website not active anymore)
  • Added tor icon in tab/gotoButton if tor is enabled
  • Fixed infoBanner for proxyPage and tor disabling
  • Fixed urltext anchoring and switch to webtitle + weburl when title of webpage is available
  • Fixed mediaDownloadRec overlaying menuPopup
  • Fixed webview height/width by anchoring it to page and hide toolbars (except minimized main toolbar) at page end
  • Simulate quickScroll UI in FancyScroller when in landscape mode
  • Don't minimize toolbar when loading initial default about: urls
  • Fixed mediadetect running on touchend conflicts with previously detected media (disabled touchend)
  • Only check youtube url and add url to history if not about: url
  • Don't hide mediaDownloadRec if atYBeginning and atYEnd
  • Better workaroundRefresh method
  • Set pixelAligned to true (slightly smoother website scrolling)
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