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Originally Posted by MartinK View Post
Exactly - when I say Nokia in this case I basically mean the "old", pre-Elop N900-N9 Nokia, which certainly could ship nice devices (not just the N900 & N9).

Not the current trademark-selling shell of a phone company. Other than that the non-phone parts of Nokia are probably doing just fine, making mobile network infrastructure and tires.
The tire business was sold off years before the mobile business.

Today it is just network infra, tomorrow maybe these health & safety -related devices and services.

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Originally Posted by elastic View Post
You're kidding... Nokia is quite a brilliant example of how not to do things ;-)
There's "doing things", aka "make things happen", aka "decisions taken by others" (read: management), vs "know what you are doing" aka "this is not the right thing but whatever floats our boat boss" aka employees.

Don't put all eggs in the same basket .
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Originally Posted by tortoisedoc View Post
... our boat ...
This is jolla

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