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My N900 which i had bought it just 6 months back is not showing the IMEI number and it does not accept any sim cards as well. When I boot my device it shows an error message as "All telephony functions, including emergency calls, are disabled due to a communication error. To recover, you might have to reboot the device." I tried flashing with maemo flasher 3.5 both EMMC and the rootfs. The EMMC flashes with no error but firmware stops at cmt-mcusw. Now I dont know what to do anybody who have experianced this and recoverd or who knows to correct it pls!! pls!! help.

Thanks in advance for repplies.
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have you tried installing anything recently on your phone? where did you buy your phone from?
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Perhaps there is something wrong with the Sim card.
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Moderator, could you please merge this thread with all other on this subject: communication +problem/error
+sim. There are more than a handful now. Thanks.
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Hade the same problem. I had to send my unit to Nokia care. Got a new unit 2 week later.
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I bought it from KSA. I had installed some apps from extras reps and ovi store
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There are several threads for "telephony functions disabled".

Summary: reflash.

Mine does it after installing alarmed.
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I'm having the same problem..Does anyone solve it?????
please help me
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The EMMC flashes with no error but firmware stops at cmt-mcusw.
Hardware damage to GSM radio. Get it repaired.
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also happened to mine a while back, i had to buy a new n900

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